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Victoria Motorcycle Club's Les Blow Trial on February 17, 2019

Click for Les Blow Trial poster
Click for Les Blow Trial poster

The Victoria Motorcycle Club will host the annual Les Blow Trial on February 17, 2019. The trial will take place at the club's property at Happy Valley Road in Metchosin. Sign-up will be at 9:00 AM and start at 10:00 AM. This is the first trial of the club's 2019 championship series. All classes will be included, and the entry fee is $20 for members, $30 for non-members, and $10 for under-sixteens. Please note that there will be no concession at this trial - bring your own sandwiches! For more information, contact Dave Fair at 250 380-7137.

Date announced for the WTC National Championship (West) and the Outlaw Trial

Dave Rhodes has announced the date of the WTC National Championship (West), along with the ever-popular Outlaw Trial.

Both events will take place on the long weekend in May at Scotch Creek, BC. This will, hopefully, avoid the forest-fire season in the BC Interior. That is that usual weekend for the Outlaw event, unchanged for the past thirty years.

The WTC National event will probably take place on the Saturday, with the ever-popular Outlaw trial on the Sunday, and the possibllity of a vintage trial on the Monday.

The dates for the entire Outlaw Series in 2019 are as follows:
  1  Apr 28   Ioco, BC
  2  May 19  Scotch Creek, BC
  3  August   Rocky Mountain House, AB
  4  Sept 1   Ymir, BC

2018: Trials Recognized as Outlaw Dave inducted into Hall of Fame

Steve Crevier and Dave Rhodes at the Motorcycling Hall of Fame induction
Steve Crevier and Dave Rhodes at the Motorcycling Hall of Fame induction

2018 has been an interesting year for trials, with increasing interest in the sport in the Maritimes, and greater numbers in Ontario with the popularity of the Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group, and with the Sleeping Giant group in Northern Ontario.

There have been challenges in some parts of the country, but a good shot in the arm has been the recognition of long-time "Mr Trials" - Outlaw Dave Rhodes. The photo shows Dave at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies chatting to Steve Crevier. I was lucky enough to see Steve Crevier racing when he was mounted aboard the fabulous Honda RC51 V-twin racing machine - it was a wonderful combination of man and machine.

All Trials Results from 2018 Archived

The 2018 trials reports from this page of the TrialsCanada website have now been archived on the "Results" page of the site.

Go to Latest Trials Results for our archive of the last twelve years of Canadian trials results.

This is the largest collection of Canadian trials results in existance. If you have events that are not reported on this website, then it's probably because nobody has sent a report of the trial to me. If you'd like to see a report of your trial on this site, please contact me at Our Contact Page.

If we receive results from you, then we will publish them to our national (and international) readership. This is the best way to get information out to the Canadian moto-trials public.

Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor