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CPTA Squid Outlaw Trial on April 15, 2018 at Ioco, BC
Sean Bird takes win in annual trial sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport

Ted McDowell at the Squid Outlaw Trial
Ted McDowell at the Squid Outlaw Trial
Picture by Dave Rhodes
Story by Don Doerksen

The CPTA presented the 2018 Squid Outlaw trial on April 15/18 at Ioco. Fortyfour riders showed up to contest the event which was kindly sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport and Accessories based in Vernon B.C. The overnight rain stopped for the day and left lots of soggy sections. It was 19 sections twice for Advanced and Expert which made for a long tiring day that took a fair few points and left some tired riders in its wake. Sean Bird was the class of the Expert class with about half of the points of the next rider. Ted McDowall and Cam Collie won Sen.45 and Advanced. Dave Fair snuck over from Vancouver Island to put in two 5 point loops and win the highly contested Sportsman class. Russell Skiver rode well to win Int. and Dave Siefert is keeping up his domination of the Junior class. This event was also the first event of the Outlaw series and next up is the May long weekend at Scotch Creek.

Th full results can be seen HERE.

Victoria Motorcycle Club presents the Joe Brown Major Trial on April 22, 2018

Click here for the full poster

The Victoria Motorcycle Club will present the annual Joe Brown Major Trial at the ISTC property, on the West Shawnigan Lake Road, Shawnigan Lake, BC.

All details are provided on the accompanying poster.

Can Am Challenge in New York State on May 19 and 20

Click for fuller image of Can Am Challenge
Click for fuller image of Can Am Challenge

We've heard from Mike Thompson, of the New York District 4 Trials Committee, who tells us about his "Can Am Challenge" Trial on May 19 and 20.

There will be two days of trials, with Saturday's fun event not requiring AMA membership, while Sunday's will need AMA membership, and will count towards the District 4 championship.

For more information, contact Mike Thomson ( OR Rich Freer ( See

CPTA Spring Classic Trial at Ioco, BC on April 8.
Perfect Day for the Classic Bikes

Bob Clark - like a canary in the woods
Bob Clark - like a canary in the woods

Report from Don Doerksen, Picture by Jeff Green

It was perfect classic trials weather for the CPTA Spring Classic trial on April 8, 2018 at Ioco B.C. That means that there was enough rain to slick some things up and make those big old flywheels worthwhile. Sections three and four were a sub-section up a rocky bed, creating what was probably the most entertaining section. At least you felt the exercise by the end of that section and a double clean was worth celebrating. Section nine had a tight spot between a very large tree and a very large rock and you can see that we took a lot of points there. Thanks to Dave Craig for a good workout and a good event. Yours truly (Don Doerksen) managed to win the Classic A on the Purple People Eater ( it threw the chain twice in sections and I proceeded backwards down the hill rapidly). Greg Patrick borrowed a Majesty to win Classic B and Paul Brodie won Sportsman and had an impressive 1 point last loop. Tim Wright was the sole Intermediate but it looks like he exerted some effort with a lot of points taken. Dave Siefert led the Juniors by quite a margin in what looks like a high scoring event for them.

Full results can be seen HERE.

Reg Shanks Trial at Victoria, BC on March 25, 2018
Thomas Cordner wins expert class

Report from Roger Boothroyd

A light frost and cool weather greeted the 35 riders who entered the annual Reg Shanks Trial held at the Victoria Club’s property on Happy Valley Road near Victoria. Originally named the Novice Trial, it was changed in 1979 to honour Reg, a long time member (deceased) who was instrumental in acquiring the club property. . With no rain in the previous days, and only a little moisture in the ground, traction was excellent. Ten sections were laid out with varying degrees of difficulty for the several classes ranging from Junior to Expert. The Beginner small wheel class had separate checks in the parking lot.

The full results can be seen here - Reg Shanks Trial Results.

TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 18, 2018
Close finish between Alex Waltom and runner-up Sean Bird

Picture of top expert Alex Walton at the TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 18, 2018. Picture by Ron Walsh
Top expert Alex Walton at the TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 18, 2018
Photo by Ron Walsh

Report from Don Doerksen

It looked like a misty, rainy day as competitors made their way to the TRS Trial at Ioco on Mar. 18, 2018. Half of last month's trial had been cancelled because of snow that made the Expert & Advanced sections too dangerous. But any fears about a miserable, rainy day disappeared right after the riders' meeting. The rain stopped, leaving perfect trials weather and some damp ground to keep a fellow honest. The Expert class was as tight as can be, with just one point separating the winner, Alex Walton, from Sean Bird. The new Expert/Support class had a good ride with just enough challenge, with Ted McDowall leading the way. The Advanced and Senior 45 classes took quite a few points, with Cam Collie and Carl Muller coming out on top. Intermediates and the Sportsmen rode the same lines with Bob Todosychuk coming up with an amazing clean last loop to win Sportsman, and Ian Carlson handily winning Intermediate. It was nice to see five in the Junior class, which Dave Carlson won in a high-scoring event. It turned out to be a great day for a ride. The next CPTA event is the Spring Classic on April Fools' Day.

New website for Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials

The Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group has a new website, it's at

The group has been experiencing great success in recent years organizing trials in Ontario.

The group's next event is March 25 at Woodstock, where a free entry is offered to the Trials School, with a Free Hot Dog BBQ. It's at: Wilson's Farm, 615760 13th Line, Woodstock, ON. The GPS coordinates are:43.19997, -80.7772. ​Contact: Jim Cox 519-469-3338.

Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada applies for FIM membership

The MCC (Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada) has announced that it is now in the process of applying to the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) for the right to represent Canada in the world of international motorcycling. The MCC is the body to which WTC (world Trials Canada) is associated, along with the WEC (World Enduro Canada), Flat Track Canada and CSBK (Canadian Superbike Championship). In the meantime, the CMA continues to represent Canada at the FIM. We'll keep you posted regarding the latest news about all of this.

Results for the Les Blow Trial at Victoria on Feb 18, 2018
Thomas Cordner edges Ryon Bell for top expert

Report from Roger Boothroyd

A blast of winter weather and a skiff of snow greeted the thirty riders who entered the annual Les Blow Trial at the Club's property in Metchosin, BC. Cold weather and that bit of fresh snow made for very tricky conditions and higher than normal scores.

The expert class pitted Ryon Bell against Thomas Cordner, both of them Vertigo mounted. Bell enjoyed two excellent rides on the second and third loops, but failed to make up for his first-loop score, losing the Frank Baylis Trophy to Thomas Cordner by just one point.

The full results can be seen HERE.

WTC National Dates for 2018 Confirmed
Eastern Championship Dates on Sept 15 & 16 at Morin Heights, Quebec

The dates for the WTC National Championship (East) have been confirmed as September 15 and 16, to take place at Morin Heights, Quebec. This fills out the WTC national calendar for 2018, with the National Championships (West) to take place on July 1 at Revelstoke, BC and on September 30 at Malakwa, BC. It promises to be another enjoyable year for competitors in the 2018 WTC trials.

All Trials Results from 2017 Archived

The 2017 trials reports from this page of the TrialsCanada website have now been archived on the "Results" page of the site.

Go to Latest Trials Results for our archive of the last eleven years of Canadian trials results.

This is the largest collection of Canadian trials results in existance. If you have events that are not reported on this website, then please contact me at Our Contact Page - if we receive results from you, then we will publish them to our national (and international) readership. This is the best way to get information out to the Canadian moto-trials public.

2018 BC Trials Dates from Outlaw Dave (Outlaw Series and WTC Nationals)
Note the change of date for Malakwa in June

2018 Trial Dates in BC, from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

April 15th         Ioco, BC          Round 1 Outlaw Series (CPTA)
May 19 and 20      Scotch Creek, BC  Round 2 Outlaw Series (WTC)
June 10            Malakwa, BC       Round 3 Outlaw Series (WTC)
July 1st           Revelstoke, BC    Round 1 WTC National Series - West
September 30th     Malakwa, BC       Round 2 WTC National Series - West

Outlaw Series - 2017 Standings
100 participants in the series this year

Following the final Outlaw event of the year in Victoria, Outlaw Dave Rhodes has provided us with the winners of each class for the 2017 Series. The Outlaw is a championship series run over five events in Alberta and BC each year.

Dave tells us that these are the winners of the #1 Plates for the 2017 Outlaw Series.

Expert:              Steve Day (Vertigo)     Vancouver, BC  46 points
Advanced:            Chris Tronnes (Gas Gas) Bentley, AB    60
Senior Advanced:     Guy Smeeth (Gas Gas)    Surrey, BC     51
Intermediate:        Shane Bridden (TRS)     Kelowna, BC    55
Senior Intermediate: Richard Oulett (Scorpa) Calgary. AB    75
Sportsman:           Harold Pospisil (Beta)  Edmonton, AB   60
Junior:              Starla Smeeth (Gas Gas) Surrey, BC     60
Vintage:             Three way tie between Bob Clark, Dave Bloxam and
                     Riley Ferguson, all three with 30 points.  No #1
                     Plate will be awarded for this Class.
A total of 100 riders took part in the series. Congratulations to all who attended the five events in Alberta and BC.

Any riders wishing to know where they placed can contact Outlaw via his website,

New WTC rules for electric bikes

The WTC has announced the rules concerning electric bikes. The ruling is that all machines must complete the entire course under their own power. For electric bikes, which lack sufficient range to complete a long course, organizers have three options. On very short courses, electric machines can compete without any special consideration. On longer courses, the organizers have the option to create a special, short loop for an electric machine class, or they may simply enforce the ruling that only machines with sufficient range can compete in the event.

Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor