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Gentlemen's Invitational Trial, Nanaimo, BC on Nov. 26

A scene from the Gentlemen's Invitational Trial at Nanaimo on Nov 26
A scene from the Gentlemen's Invitational Trial at Nanaimo on Nov 26

The Nanaimo Gasholes Trials Club organized their Second Annual Gentlemen's Invtiational Trial on Sunday, November 26. There was some close competiton, particularly in the Intermediate class, with only four points separating the top three riders. Fifteen riders competed in the trial, in which they managed to raise more than twoo hundred dollars for MS. Here are the results (top three in each class):

1 Dave Carlson (Montesa)
2 Greg Raybeck (Beta)
3 Fred Warriner (Gas Gas)

1 Dave Moore (Honda)
2 Dave Fair (Vertigo)
3 Tim Jenneson (Gas Gas)

Trial on November 26 at Hantsport, Nova Scotia
Kevin Patterson winner of Advanced class

Photo from the trial at Hantsport, NS on Nov 27 Hantsport, NS on November 26

Report from Michael Traves

What an awesome day! Thanks to everyone who came from near and far to make it such a great day. Rain stopped when we arrived and didn’t start again until we were done, the temperature was also perfect (9C) for a great day of trials.

Once again Kevin and his helpers put together an amazing loop of 8 sections with a great variety of challenges for everyone. Great to see a few new faces especially Adrian from APD – our NS Beta dealer - he has promised to practice up over the winter and join us again next year.

Also great to see Stephen the Canadian distributor for Beta – He wasn’t able to make a lot of our events this year but has obviously been keeping his riding skills sharp traveling the country.

Graham Jackson Trial, Ioco, BC on November 19
Alex Walton takes first place (Expert)

Report from Don Duerksen

CPTA Jackson Trial at Ioco
Photo by Jeff Green - it was a tricky day to take pictures, in the poor light

I have not had a trial day like this one in a long time. The 32nd edition of the Graham Jackson Trial took place on Nov. 19/17. It was kindly sponsored by Mountain Motorcycle, the importer of TRS motorcycles and a dealer for Beta. It took place on the Wet Coast at Ioco. And boy was it wet!! We have been blessed with good weather for our trials for a long time and this day was a bit of a surprise. There were even rivulets of water appearing out of the ground as we rode some sections. It looks like the cream still rises to the top though as Alex Walton came out 19 points ahead of 2nd place. Andrew Allen had a great ride to set the bar for the Adv. classes with Ted McDowall 10 points behind to win Snr. 45. There were lots of dabs taken in the Sportsman class but Bob Clark managed to stay 2 points clear of Dave Fair and Dustin Labby took Int. honors. Dave Seifert won Jun. again and Dave Bloxham had a decent ride on the Majesty to take Vintage.

The attached picture of Ross Rathbone (Long way to come for a rainy day) shows the difficulty of taking pictures on a dark and rainy day. It looks like he is riding at night in a snowfall but it is broad daylight and raining.

Full results are given HERE.

New Brunswick Trial on October 29
Kevin Patterson tops the Advanced class
Competitors at the New Brunswick trial on October 29
Competitors at the New Brunswick trial on October 29

From Michael Traves

Guy Gauvin and the New Brunswick Trials team did a fantastic job of hosting the event on October 29, and the weather could not have been better.

The sections were some of the best that the Maritime riders have had so far. It was fantastic having a set of beginner sections, in addition to our three traditional lines.

A real highlight was having Dominique Goguen join the group for the second time this year - everyone seemed jealous of the little Beta 80! Hopefully we will see more young people (and more females) joining the sport.

Adding up the scores before people left was a great idea - it was fun for people t be on the podium. The final results are shown to the right.

A huge thanks to Toys for Big Boys (Honda) for the use of a 4RT demo bike, as well as the trophies for this round. We also had great continued support from Beta and the use of a 300 4T demo bike for the event.

Training Day in New Brusnwick, with Jonathan English on October 28
$600 Raised in support of the Canadian Trial Des Nations Effort

Michael Traves writes to say a huge thanks to Jonathan English for once again taking the time to visit the Maritimes to pass along some of his vast knowledge of the sport of trials.

This was a little smaller group, just ten riders, who managed to raise $600 towards the Canadian Trial Des Nations team.

We had a great mix of riders, from "completely new to the sport" to those of us who have taken part in these training sessions with Jonathan for the past four years. We thought that the time we spent riding through made-up sections was very helpful - a welcome break from front wheel and rear wheel hops.

Thanks to the WTC and NSORRA for providing insurance coverage and the rules that we follow for the events.

Thanks also goes to Beta for the use of a 300 4T demo bike, and to Toys for Big Boys (Honda), for the use of a 4RT for the training event.

Outlaw Series - 2017 Standings
100 participants in the series this year

Following the final Outlaw event of the year in Victoria, Outlaw Dave Rhodes has provided us with the winners of each class for the 2017 Series. The Outlaw is a championship series run over five events in Alberta and BC each year.

Dave tells us that these are the winners of the #1 Plates for the 2017 Outlaw Series.

Expert:              Steve Day (Vertigo)     Vancouver, BC  46 points
Advanced:            Chris Tronnes (Gas Gas) Bentley, AB    60
Senior Advanced:     Guy Smeeth (Gas Gas)    Surrey, BC     51
Intermediate:        Shane Bridden (TRS)     Kelowna, BC    55
Senior Intermediate: Richard Oulett (Scorpa) Calgary. AB    75
Sportsman:           Harold Pospisil (Beta)  Edmonton, AB   60
Junior:              Starla Smeeth (Gas Gas) Surrey, BC     60
Vintage:             Three way tie between Bob Clark, Dave Bloxam and
                     Riley Ferguson, all three with 30 points.  No #1
                     Plate will be awarded for this Class.
A total of 100 riders took part in the series. Congratulations to all who attended the five events in Alberta and BC.

Any riders wishing to know where they placed can contact Outlaw via his website,
Results of the Outlaw (Lohrmann)Trial in Victoria on October 22, 2017
Ryon Bell takes Expert win for Club Championship and Outlaw points

The Victoria Motorcycle Cub's Lohrmann Trial, in conjunction with the Outlaw Trials Series, was run on October 22nd at the VMC club property on Happy Valley Road. Points were awarded for both the VMC championship series and the Outlaw Trials series. Thirty-four riders entered to test their skills on this ten observed section, three loop event. Intermittent squalls of rainy, windy weather was the norm for the day but everyone enjoyed themselves. The committee for the day was Jordan and Jake McFarlane, Dave Fair, Steve Mawer, Hugh Williams, Kevin Ash, Brent Sterzenbach, Bruce Calland with Ray Sutherland and Eric Pagel doing sign up and scoring. Thanks to all from the VMC.

The full results can be seen HERE.

PNTA's Uhuru Trial on October 15, 2017
Matt Fracy takes win in Expert class

From Don Doerksen

The Uhuru Trial took place Oct 15, 2017 at Ioco, BC, under beautiful sunny skies with 37 riders fortunate enough to get out for a ride. It was sponsored by Moto Trials West, and our thanks to Dave Fair for that. The event was on the easy side for the Experts so any mistake was noticeable in the placings. Matt Fracy had a very steady ride to win with only eight points. Carl Muller put in two consistent loops to win Advanced and Don Doerksen won Senior 45, with to consistent (but larger) loop scores. It seems that it was tougher for the Intermediate and Sportsman classes with some high scores for the average rider. Bob Clark won Sportsman again, and Sawyer Collie is making a habit of winning Intermediate. Dave Siefert brought in three low loop scores to win Junior.

The complete results can be seen HERE.

WTC National Championship (West)
Sam King takes Pro class at WTC National

Full report and photo from Dave Rhodes

Sean bird on October 8, at the WTC Western National
Sean bird on October 8, at the WTC Western National

As most people are aware, the WTC National had to be moved to a different location and date, due to the Forest Fire situation in BC. So we were not at all sure how many riders would show up, and what the response would be from the owners of the Carl Kuster Mountain Park.

It is therefore extremely gratifying to announce that the Sammy King event went over really well, with some 30 plus riders, and everybody having a good time. The weather stayed dry, and we had quite a lot of spectators. In fact, the management at CKMP are so happy that they have already agreed to host three WTC Trials events for 2018.

We had riders from all over Western Canada, many trying the sport for the first time, including Lady rider Dominique Doyan, (Beta) who took home the #1 WTC Championship plate . We saw some fantastic rides as we stopped by the sections, Steve Day was very impressive the day after his birthday celebrations, taking the Vertigo to first place Expert, and claiming the #1 plate ahead of arch rival and good buddy Stan Bakgaard. But perhaps the hero of the day was young Bodi Watts, from Wainwright Alberta, who absolutely romped through the course, on his Outlaw Beta Evo 200, losing only 4 points (but we have to get him to smile sometime - a very serious young lad).

At the sharp end of the scale, it was a battle between Sam King (Outlaw TRS) and Sean Bird (Mountain Beta) with only 5 points separating these two good friends at the end. We were very impressed by the third lad on the podium, Tanner Nordin (Mountain TRS) who was riding the top class for the very first time.

It was Ross Rathbone (Outlaw Beta) who survived a couple of crashes to take the Senior Advanced Class, while Jay Colley (Mont) from Ymir, BC, beat out young Kolten Morrisson (Beta) in the Advanced class.

The largest entry was in the Intermediate Class, and it was Shane Bridden (Outlaw TRS) who rode brilliantly to take the win and #1 plate, but young Job Wylie from Prince George was looking good on the ex-Outlaw Beta Evo 200, and who will definitely be a future contender in the sport. Another new rider switching from the cross-country race scene, Dustin Labby (Outlaw Beta) finished 3rd in this class.

But perhaps the rider who deserves special mention, is our good buddy Taff Parfitt, who won the Senior Inter Class, despite breaking the clutch hose on his Outlaw Beta, and “Cleaned” the last 4 sections with no clutch! Mick Andrews would have been proud of him.

Of course the heroes at any Trials event are the checkers, who stand out all day so that the riders can enjoy their sport. So to these folk we say a big heartfelt thank-you.

To the Management and staff from the CKMP, it was a pleasure to be able to bring this WTC National to your door, we thank you for your support, and look forward to hosting many more WTC events at your wonderful location.

And Finally, what can I say about Sammy King? It's now four years since he first emailed me from Australia asking for help when he visited Canada, and now, not only has he won the WTC National (West), but also put on his very first Trial. To say that we are proud of him is perhaps an understatement. He absolutely lives for the sport, and his enthusiasm is contagious - we are certainly happy to have him as part of our Outlaw Family.

Results  (Top three)
1 Bodi Watts         Beta      Wainwright AB      4
2 Leon  Bustin       GG        Ymir  BC          19
3 Odin Christakos    Sherco    Golden BC         36

Ladies 1 Dominique Doyon Beta Winfield BC 30

Sportsman 1 Mike Lynnes Mont 4RT 150 mile House 17 2 Josef Reschreiter TRS Vernon BC 45

Intermediate 1 Shane Bridden TRS West Kelowna BC 8 2 Job Wyllie Beta Prince George BC 17 3 Dustin Labby Beta Kamloops BC 29

Senior Intermediate 1 Craig Parfitt Beta Sherwood Park AB 24 2 Richard Oulett Scorpa Calgary AB 28 3 Chris Hrabb TRS Revelstoke BC 36

Advanced 1 Ross Rathbone Beta Scotch Creek BC 57 2 Kevin Smith TRS White Rock BC 67 3 Pete Bustin GG Ymir BC 90

Expert 1 Steve Day Vertigo Vancouver BC 44 2 Stan Bakgaard Scorpa Yale BC 52 3 Brandon Schmidt EM Vancouver BC 55

Pro 1 Sam King TRS Golden BC 45 2 Sean Bird Beta Vancouver BC 50 3 Tanner Nordin TRS Vancouver BC 72

And last but not least, a big thanks to Julie and Judy, who not only looked after sign up and score keeping, but also checked a section. It's been a very unusual year for WTC Trials in BC with the Forest Fires; we thank you all for coming out and we hope you enjoyed yourselves; we look forward to doing it all again in 2018. But before that, we do have the last round of the Outlaw series to look forward to in two weeks in Victoria BC. Call Dave Rhodes if you need anything, or more Trials information.

2017 Fall Classic Trial at Ioco, BC on October 1
Sponsored by the Honda Centre, Burnaby, BC

Don Doerksen at the Fall Classic
Runner-up Don Doerksen at the Fall Classic Trial

Photo by Jeff Green
Report by Don Doerksen

The 2017 Fall Classic (vintage classes only) was hosted by the CPTA on October 1, 2017. It was sponsored by the Honda Centre, and the owner of the Honda Centre was at the event to see how things went.

It was a beautiful sunny day and conditions were perfect for a ride in the woods. After the first loop it looked like the sections were on the hard side but they were all cleaned eventually so it would seem that Dave Craig got it just right.

Bobby Todosychuk won the Classic A by one point with a good steady ride. Classic B survivor and winner was Vic Castleton when his opposition had to retire with a back problem.

Brett Clark got better as the day went on to pick up the Sportsman win, and Brian Dye had three consistent low-scoring loops for the Junior win.

Full results can be seen HERE.

Nova Scotia Trial on October 1, 2017
Kevin Patterson tops the Expert class

Michael Traves reports that it was an awesome day, with the seven sections that the team managed to put together working out really well, while the weather was perfect.

There were four new riders, three of them borrowed bikes to try the sport on the Junior line, but none were able to beat Owen Crow this time out. The Intermediate line produced some high scores. Andy Hennigar was giving Steve Patterson a run for his money, but had to leave early. Steve took the well deserved win.

Thanks again to Stephen for the loan of the Beta - we had six or so people give it a try. If anyone would like to pick one up be sure to check out APD Motorsports Ltd in Peggy's Cove.

Thanks to NSORRA for their support and a huge thanks to Kyle for the use of his property.

Full results can be seen HERE.

Ryon Bell wins Expert class at Victoria on October 1st

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted the annual Rick Wells trial at Shawnigan Lake, BC on October 1st. The winner of the Experts class was Ryon Bell, aboard his Vertigo. The full results for the trial can be seen HERE.

CMA Nationals in Ontario on September 9 & 10
Jonathan English wins Champ Class

The CMA hosted the annual CMA Nationals in Kearney, ON, on the weekend of September 9th and 10th. The overalll winner this year was Jonathan English, with Jordon Szoke in second, and last year's winner, Michel Balanger, in third. The full results can be seen HERE.

Results for theSleeping Giant Trials Riders, Round 2 of Club Championship
Nate Hirt (Prior Lake, MN) wins on September 10, at Thunder Bay, Ontario

Photo from the second SGTR club championship trial

The Sleeping Giant Trials Riders hosted the second WTC-sanctioned event of the season at Thunder Bay, ON, on September 10.

The Champ class was wonn by Nate Hirt, of Prior Lake, Minnesota, with a total score of 49 over the two loops'

The full results are given below

Sleepimg Giant Trials Rdiers Logo

Alberta Trial at Rocky Mountain House
Cow Patty Trial on August 26th & 27th

ATRA/WTC Outlaw Trial at Rocky Mountain House, AB

Report and Photo by Outlaw Dave

The annual ATRA/WTC "Cow Patty" Trial took place at the Bernie Shroederus farm near Rocky Mountain House last weekend. The weather was gorgeous and with the fire ban in Southern Alberta, we were surprised that more riders didn't take this opportunity to ride at this beautiful location. They missed out big time on one of the best Trials on the Calendar.

The camp site is fantastic, with freshly cut grass, complete with toilet facilities and it's all free! Hats off to both Bernie and the ATRA club for hosting this event, which also counted as rounds three & four in the 2017 Outlaw Series. The sections are all in a lush Valley, with a creek running through it, ideal terrain for a variety of sections.

Fifteen year-old Body Watts, from Wainright, showed up with his Dad to ride his very first event - after only a week to practice on his new Beta Evo 200. He did awesomely well, and we are sure he will be a force to contend with in the coming years. He was coached by long-time Alberta Expert, Chris Tronnes and the other club riders, which was nice to see. It was a great family weekend.

Results will be posted shortly.

Michel Bélanger, Jonathan English & Brandon Cambareri 1, 2 & 3 in WTC Nationals (East)

Competitors from Ontario and Quebec made their way to Riviere du Loup, Quebec, on the weekend of July 8 and 9 to vie for the Canadian National Championship (East).

In the Championship class, the winner was once again Michel Bélanger, with Oantario's Jonathan English and Brandon Cambareri in second and third place overall.

The sections were challenging, and some riders switched to a different class during the course of the weekend. This caused some Sunday scores to be ignored in the quest for national championship points.

The complete results are given HERE.

Nova Scotia Trial - June 11, 2017

Eric Morse just edged Kevin Patterson for the Advanced win in Nova Scotia on Sunday, June 11.

Michael Traves reports theat it was a hot and rocky one, and there were fewer competitors than usual, but it was a great day's sport.

The results are shown below:

June 11, 2017 results from Nova Scotia

Thunder Bay (ON) Trials Weekend, June 3 & 4, 2017
Jonathan English takes top expert at Thunder Bay

Image from the Thunder Bay trial

From David McLuckie

The Sleeping Giant Trials Riders are proud to have hosted their very first trials event in Northwestern Ontario on Sunday June 4th. The event fielded a small but fun group of 13 riders from Southern Ontario, Manitoba, Minnesota, and Thunder Bay. After a few days of rain leading up to the event, the creeks were flowing nicely and made for some great sections for both riders and spectators. Sunday saw the sun come out for the first time all weekend, but this also saw the rise of the black flies which really tested everyone's patience.

The event consisted of 3 laps of 10 sections, on a spectator friendly 2km loop. With such a small group of riders, everyone rode together for the first lap. It was nice to see all 4 classes riding together and helping each other out with line choices and minding for each other. This also provided a great opportunity for the first-time trials riders and spectators to see how a trials event is structured and scored. There was a surprising number of spectators on the trails, most had never seen a trial before, and some were just dirt bikers passing through that couldn't believe what they were seeing before them.

For a full report, complete results and pictures, please CLICK HERE.

VMC Mini Scott Trial, June 4, 2017 at Shawnigan Lake
Brandon Volk takes Expert win with eleven points

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted the 2017 Mini-Scott Trial on June 4 at Shawnigan Lake, BC.

The trial is fashioned after the Scott trial in the UK, with the fastest rider setting standard time, and points on observed sections added to the time score.

The full results can be seen by SEEN HERE.

CPTA's Squamish (BC) Trial on May 28

From Don Doerksen

The CPTA hosted the 2017 Squamish Trial on May 28, in Squamish BC.

This event was kindly sponsored by the Honda Centre - a Honda/Montesa dealer in Vancouver. It was a sunny day in the beautiful setting of coastal BC, and 41 riders showed up to ride 9 interesting sections on a short loop. Section difficulty looks to have been just right. Finally having dry, dusty sections instead of mud was a nice change, for the first time this year on the Wet Coast.

Expert winner Alex Walton was chased closely by Sean Bird, while Todd Nordin hardly bothered to put a foot down in Senior 45. Two competitors, both named Andrew, ended up just one point apart, with Andrew de Boer taking Adv. class over Andrew Allen. Brian Dye won Int. class and Bob Clark squeaked a win by one point in the Sportsman class. Starla Smeeth carried on her winning ways in Junior with a score less than half of that of her nearest competitor.

It was a great day to ride and thanks to Spenser and the Squamish gang.

Full results to follow soon.

First two rounds of 2017 Quebéc series complete
Michel Bélanger wins expert class both days

The first two rounds of the 2017 Québec series are now complete. The full results for the first day can be seen HERE, and the second day can be seen HERE.

Thirtieth running of the Outlaw on May 20 & 21
Scotch Creek, BC. Sam King wins expert class

Action at the Outlaw trial, at Scotch Creek, BC on May 20 and 21, 2017
Action at the Outlaw trial, at Scotch Creek, BC on May 20 and 21, 2017

The 30th edition of the popular Outlaw Trial took place at Scotch Creek (BC) over the May long weekend in absolutely brilliant weather conditions. There were riders from Alberta, Vancouver and all over the Okanagan. Some were out to give it a try for the first time, some just rode for one day, but nobody went home without a smile, which is what is the main ingredient for a trial that has lasted so many years,

Early Saturday morning, it was the Vintage riders who were first out to tackle ten sections of typical "English" style terrain, with a wide variety to test rider and machine. After this was completed, the riders fired up their modern bikes for the first day of the modern event, which featured twenty sections for the juniors and sportsman classes, but twenty-eight for the rest, including a final watery triple section called "Crazy Rhodes Creek". This proved to be a real challenge, with lots of points taken by the tired riders.

Sunday dawned clear and bright, and the seven classes all did it again, but this time the Juniors and Sportsmen rode the last eight sections - including the notorious "Rhodes" hazard.

Click HERE for the full story and the results..

Results of the Nova Scotia Trial on May 7

Maritime Trials Riders - Reults from 1st trial of 2017

The first Nova Scotia trial of 2017 took place at Berwick, NS B0P 1E0, on May 7. The full results are given above. It was a great event, according ot reports from Machael Traves.

PNTA trial on April 29 & 30 in Victoria
Ryon Bell takes Champ class on both days

The two Victoria rounds of the 2017 Pacific Northwest Trials Association championships took place on April 29 and 30.

With forty-two competitors on day two, and thirty-seven on day one, the trial was quite well attended. All classes were represented, with the Champ class taken on both days by Ryon Bell.

The full results can be seen HERE,

Team Squid trial at Ioco, BC - Round One of 2017 Outlaw Series
Hosted by CPTA and sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport on April 23

Story from Don Doerksen

Team Squid Trial at Ioco, BC
Photo by Dale Coull
Those moss-covered rocks look slippery!

The CPTA hosted the 2017 Squid trial on April 23, 2017 at Ioco, BC. The event was sponsored by Outlaw Accessories and Trialsport, and was the first in the Outlaw series this year.

The rain stopped just before the start of the trial and held off until near the end. There was lots of slippery terrain available, and scores did not generally improve on the second loop. There were two loops of 19 sections for the Advanced and Expert riders, and two loops of 15 for the Juniors and Intermediates. That is a lot of sections to lay out, and a big thanks goes out to Steve, Melissa and Dave.

Alex Walton continued his winning ways in the Expert class. Brandon Schmidt did great on the EM in Advanced, and Todd Nordin competed for the first time this year in the Senior 45 - and smoked all the competition.

There was a high attrition rate in the Intermediate classes, as many riders elected to do only one loop. But Greg Patrick and Bob Todosychuk won Intermediate and Sportsman respectively. Starla Smeeth and Dave Bloxham were the sole entrants in their classes = Junior and Vintage, and both finished the day. Forty one riders showed up for what proved to be a tough but good days ride.

Southwestern Ontario Vintage Trials Group event on April 23, 2017

Thirty-nine riders made the trip to Creemore on Sunday (April 23) to ride Round Two of the Dualsport Plus Classic Trial Series.

Weather and conditions couldn't have been better. The course featured the usual hillside sections along with a couple of muddy sections, which proved to be the most challenging of the day for most riders. Traction on the hills, some of them quite long and steep, was excellent.

After having a relatively easy go of it in Round One in Brantford, the C class riders had much tougher sections to deal with today. A few spills and some score cards with big totals, but still it was all smiles at the end of the day.

The Dualsport Plus Classic Trial Series resumes again in two weeks, with Round Three taking place outside of Woodstock, ON, at the Morning Mist Farm.

SOVT Results from Brantford, ON

The results are in from the Southwest Ontario Vintage Trials Group's trial at Brantford on April 9th.

The Vintage A class was won by Norm Jewitt, and the Modern A went to Neil Carter.

It looks as though theere was a good turn-out for the trial, with 73 competitors listed in the results. SOVT seems to have hit the correct formula to get people back into trials riding in Ontario.

The full results can be seen HERE.

CPTA Classic Trial at Ioco, BC on April 9, 2017

From Don Doersen

The Canada Pacific Trials Association hosted the 2017 Spring Classic Trial on April 9, 2017.

The day started out looking grey, but the sun came out and the temperature and conditions were great. Twenty three riders showed up, with ten of them on Vintage bikes. Only one of the Vintage bikes failed to finish due to a mechanical problem. That's pretty good for a bunch of bikes that are thirty-years plus, and that usually get dragged out and ridden only once or twice each year.

The Junior, Intermediate and Sportsman riders rode their modern bikes on the same sections and, from the look of the scores, found enough places to take points. Bob Todosychuk was the class act of the day with a clean last loop to take Classic A. Vic Castleton had three low loops to win Classic B.

Sportsman had the largest number of riders and Roy Anderson managed the low score in that class. Sawyer Collie was the sole Intermediate rider, and Dave Seifert won Junior handily.

Results for Joe Brown Major Trial at Shawnigan Lake, BC on April 2nd
Ryon Bell (Vertigo) takes Expert win with just one point

From Roger Boothroyd

Perfect trials weather was in store for 33 competitors (including four Beginners with small wheels riding separate sections) that entered to ride three loops around the ISTC property near Shawnigan Lake with 10 sections in each loop and sections varied for the different classes.

Notable rides of the day were made by Ryon Bell in the Expert class who lost only one point while Kevin Couves continued his hot riding this year with another win in the Senior Intermediate class. In the Beginner class Raquel Cottier beat her brother and took the win.

The full results can be seen HERE.

TRS Trial at Ioco on March 18
Alex Walton wins Expert in CPTA event

Christy Richards at the TRS trial
Christy Richards looking good as she prepares to defend her US Womens title

Report from Don Doerksen

The second annual TRS Trial was held at Ioco on March 19, 2017, sponsored by TRS Moto Canada. Forty riders showed up on a sunny day that started quite cool but warmed up very nicely. The sections dried out a little bit as the day went on but could easily get a few points if you did not concentrate.

Alex Walton was back from the shows in China, and the new bike was not a handicap, as he won Expert. Roy Anderson and Don Doerksen won Advanced and Senior 45 respectively, in sections that needed concentration. Cam Collie improved enough as the day went on to win the Intermediate class -- beating his son in the process. Bob Todosychuk looks like he is finally getting the hang of the TRS after a few years on the Yamaha twin shock, winning the Sportsman class with a few points to spare. Dave Seifert won the Junior class and Vic Castleton coaxed the Bultaco to the finish in preparation for the Classic Trial coming on April 9th.

All in all it was a good day and it was really great to stand around in the sunshine afterwards. We actually had a winter here this year and it is nice to see Spring coming.

The full results can be seen HERE.

VMC Reg Shanks Trial on March 5th - Results
Very close finish between Ryon Bell (Vertigo) and Thomas Cordner (TRS)

Cool, unsettled weather was in store for 40 competitors (included six Beginners with small wheels riding separate sections) who entered to ride three loops around the Club's property, with ten sections in each loop, and with sections varied for the different classes. Scattered showers were evident throughout the day making for some slippery and demanding riding. Most competitors scrambled at some point during the day just to get through the exit gates of the challenging but safe sections.

For full results, click HERE.

Good showing for the Victoria Motorcycle Club's first trial of 2017
Ryon Bell (Vertigo) takes the expert win on Feb 5

2017 Les Blow trial
Competitors at the 2017 Les Blow trial

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted its first trial of 2017 at the club property, at 4192 Happy Valley Road in Metchosin, on February 5th.

In spite of the worst winter weather that Vancouver Island has seen for quite a number of years, thirty happy competitors showed up for the event.

The results can be seen HERE.

New WTC rules for electric bikes

The WTC has announced the rules concerning electric bikes. The ruling is that all machines must complete the entire course under their own power. For electric bikes, which lack sufficient range to complete a long course, organizers have three options. On very short courses, electric machines can compete without any special consideration. On longer courses, the organizers have the option to create a special, short loop for an electric machine class, or they may simply enforce the ruling that only machines with sufficient range can compete in the event.

Thanks for the Results

Thanks to all the people who've passed along trials results. To let me know the results of your trials, please contact me at


Bob Johns, Editor