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Nova Scotia Trial on November 18
Owen Patterson takes Advanced win

2018 nova Scotia Final standings
2018 Nova Scotia Final standings

Story from Michael Traves

What an amazing day of fun in the sun. It was a true test of finding traction and riding smart - really an epic trials event by all counts.

Owen Patterson had an impressive day taking the win for the Advanced line, and Joel Irving had an even more impressive point lead to win the Intermediate line. It was also great to see a few new spectators out enjoying the event - certainly hope to see them riding next year...

The final standings for the year in the Maritimes are shown above. Below, you can see the results of this latest event.

Here are the results for this event:
Results of Nova Scotia event no. 5, 2018

Graham Jackson Memorial Trial at Ioco, BC
Sean Bird takes Expert win on Nov 18, 2018

Sean Bird at the CPTA's Graham Jackson Memorial Trial on Nov 18, 2018
Sean Bird at the CPTA's Graham Jackson Memorial Trial on Nov 18, 2018

Photo by Jeff Green

Story from Don Doerksen

A crisp and sunny fall day greeted the 34 riders who showed up at Ioco, BC on Nov. 18, 2018 for the Graham Jackson Memorial Trial. The trial was sponsored by Mountain Motorcycle, the Canadian importer of TRS trials bikes, and a seller of Beta trials bikes.

Sean Bird had a great ride in Expert that included a clean loop, while Sawyer Collie just edged out his Dad for the win in Advanced.

The full story can be seen HERE, and official results will be here soon.

Brown Memorial Trial in BC on November 10 & 11, 2018
Steve Day takes expert win on both days

Adrian Brown and Peter Brown trial, Nov 10 and 11
Expert winner on both days - Steve Day at Magna Bay, BC

The 2018 WTC-sanctioned, Brown Memorial Trials are now in the books, and what a great weekend it was. The organizers had some serious concerns on Friday with the first dump of snow, but it all melted and the weather was perfect for both days.

The size of the entry was a surprise, considering the time of year and the snowfall, but there was a total of forty-four riders, with Gary Lawyer coming all the way from Portland, plus a contingent from Vancouver.

Of course this event is all about remembering old friends Peter Brown and Adrian Brown, but a two-minute silence was also observed 11:00 AM on Sunday.

For the full story and the results, please click HERE.

Victoria Motorcycle Club's Annual Rick Wells Trial on November 4, 2018
Ryon Bell takes expert win, with Thomas Cordner & Jeremy McChesney 2nd & 3rd

Ryon Bell at the Rick Wells Trial
Ryon Bell at the Rick Wells Trial

The Victoria motorcycle Club hosted the 2018 Rick Wells Trial at the club property on Happy Valley Road in Metchosin on November 4, 2018.

The expert class was won by Ryon Bell, just a few points ahead of second and third place competitors Thomas Cordner and Jeremy McChesney.

Judging by the results, it was a rather high-scoring trial. The full results can be seen HERE.

CPTA Uhuru Trial on October 21, at Ioco, BC
Alex Walton takes Expert win

Stan Bakgaard at the CPTA's 2018 Uhuru trial
Stan Bakgaard at the CPTA's 2018 Uhuru trial

Story from Don Doerksen
Photo from Jeff Green

The 2018 Uhuru Trial was hosted by the Canada Pacific Trials Association on October 21, 2018 at Ioco, BC.

This event was sponsored by Moto Trials West, the Canadian importer of Vertigo. The trial took place in uncharacteristically dry and sunny conditions for the third week of October.

The conditions were reflected in some very low scores by some people. Alex Walton took some points on the first loop but almost completely forgot to dab after that, taking the win handily in Expert.

Cam Collie put in some great rides to win Advanced and Don Doerksen was the last man standing in Senior 45 as the others went home early. Bobby Todosychuk only took one point all day in Sportsman and Ken Ferguson took Intermediate.

Starla Smeeth is starting to look right at home on the new-to-her 125. She had two single-point loops on her way to the Junior win.

The full results can be see HERE.

CPTA Fall Classic Trial on October 15,2018

Classic A winner Pierce McNeal
Classic "A" winner Pierce McNeal

Beautiful sunny weather saw a higher than usual turnout for the Fall Classic Trial hosted by the Canada Pacific Trials Association on October 16/18. Ioco was buzzing with old two-strokes as some bikes that were resurrected in the previous week or two were dragged out and revved out.

A few expert riders shared rides and it was great to see how well they did when they did not have the power, suspension or brakes that they were used to. Pierce McNeal just eked out the win by cleans over Sean Bird in Classic A and Mike Hay dropped only one point all day in Classic B.

The Sportsman class had lots of riders with Greg Patrick coming out on top with only two points. It was good to see a couple of new riders out in Junior, and Dave Seifert was the clear winner there.

WTC (West) Final Standings

The final standings for the WTC National Championships (West) have been announced. The finishing order for all classes can be seen HERE,

The WTC informs us that the 2018 national series in the east and the west involved a total of fifty-five competitors, from five different provinces and territories.

WTC National Championship (West) - Round Two
Sean Bird wins Expert class at Malakwa, BC on September 30
Stan Bakgaard takes series

Winner of the 2018 WTC National Championship (West), Stan Bakgaard
Winner of the 2018 WTC National Championship (West), Stan Bakgaard

The second round of the WTC National Championship (West) took place at the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, at Malakwa, BC, on September 30.

The expert class was won by Sean Bird, with Sam King in second place. Stan Bakgaard's third place finish ensured him the WTC National Championship title for 2018.

Competitors arrived from the Northwest Territories, Alberta and the west coast for the second (and final) round of the WTC National Championship (West) on Saturday, October 30. The complete results for the trial are shown HERE.

Maritime Trials Riders - trial on September 23 at Foc’sle Farm, near Falmouth, NS
Owen Patterson is top Expert in high-scoring trial

The Maritime Trials Riders hosted a trial on September 23 at Foc’sle Farm, near Falmouth, NS.

The winner of the Expert class, with a total score of 44 over three laps of ten sections each, was Owen Patterson.

The Intermediate winner, with a score of 62, was Joel Irving, with David M taking the Novice honours on 42 points.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Victoria motorcycle Club's Lohrmann Trial on September 23
Thomas Cordner wins Expert class, losing only 14 points

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted the annual Lohrmann Trial on September 23, at the club's property at 4192 Happy valley Road in Metchosin.

It was perfect weather for the club's fourth trial of the season, as 27 riders signed up for the annual Lohrmann Trial. There was some impressive riding by many, ranging from seven year-old Axton Hall in the Beginner class to Randi Joyce riding her first-ever trial (3rd in Junior class), to Thomas Cordner who took the win in the Expert class.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group - Simcoe Trial on Sept 23
Ron Golden wins Vintage A, and Andrew Young takes Modern A

It was perfect weather for the event outside of Simcoe. With a total of forty entrants, the organizers would like to thank everyone for coming out.

The competitors were challenged by dry, technical side hills, logs, roots and some really sticky, deep, black, slippery mud just to make things interesting. The full results can be seen HERE.

2018 WTC Nationals (East) at Morin Heights, Quebec on September 15 & 16
Michel Fortin-Bélanger takes 2018 WTC Championship (East)

WTC National Championships (East)

The Association des trialistes amateurs du Québec hosted both rounds of the 2018 WTC National Championship (East) on Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16. The event took place at Morin Heights, Quebec, and included rounds nine and ten of the Quebec Provincial Trials Championship.

Both rounds in the expert ctegory were won by Michel Fortin-Bélanger. The overall second place ended up as a tie after two days of stiff competition. The joint winners of the number two plate (expert) were Felix Fortin-Bélanger and Ontario's Brian Wojnarowski. Congratulations to the winners, and to all the competitors.

The full results can be seen HERE, for day one, and HERE for day two.

Iron Mountain trial at Mission, BC - sponsored by Cascade Motorsports
The third annual Iron Mountain Trial was held on September 16, 2018 in Mission, B.C.

Report from Don Doerksen

The trial was sponsored by Cascade Motorsports, who supplied lunch and snacks along with some soggy sections. Two weeks ago there was six inches of powdery dirt in the forest. After a week of rain, and with more rain on the day, it was a whole different story. The Experts had enough after one loop, with Alex Walton hlolding a good lead at the end. Ted McDowall and Cam Collie had some good rides to win Senior 45 and Advanced respectively. Bryce Gauer won Intermediate, and Bob Clark took some points but earned a healthy lead in Sportsman. Greg Patrick brought out an old Fantic to win Juniors. It was nice to ride around in the woods with nice people, and a bit of rain just made it more interesting.

The full results are available HERE.

CMA National & Round 2 of FIM North American championship on Sept 8 & 9

CMA-FIM Weekend at Ioco

Pat Smage won the FIM Pro class, while Ryon Bell won the Canadian Champ class, so Ryon is the 2018 CMA Champion

The full results for the weekend can be seen HERE.

Sleeping Giant Trials Riders event on August 25 & 26 at Thunder Bay, ON
Nate Hirt (Minnesota) takes Champ class both days

Sleeping Giant Trials Riders results

Sleeping Giant Trials Riders of Thunder Bay, Ontario, hosted a two-day event on August 25 and 26.

The full results for day 1 can be seen HERE, and day 2 results can be seen HERE.

Jon Nelson of Thunder Bay handily won both days of the expert class at this WTC-sanctioned event, with a score of only eight points each day.

ATA trial at Arden (ON) on August 18, and at Tweed on August 19, 2018

ATA Logo

Jonathan English won both ATA trials in Ontario over the weekend of August 18 and 19.

The results for both events can be seen HERE.

Annual "Cow Patty" Trial in Alberta on August 12
Graylin Giesbrecht takes Expert class at Rocky Mountain House, AB.

Shane Bridden on an interesting section
Shane Bridden on an interesting section

A thunderstorm, hail and plenty of rain made for some interesting sections, and a few high scores, at Rocky Mountain House, AB, on Sunday, August 12.

1 Carig Parfitt     Beta    Edmonton, AB   69

1 Riley Church       GG     Lethbridge, AB 45 (8 cleans)
2 Craig Parfitt      Beta   Edmonton, AB   45 (6 cleans)
3 Brad Linderman     Mont   Cochrane, AB   60
4 Roger Geiesbrecht  GG     Bentley, AB    65
5 Colin Bennet       GG     Calgary, AB    73
  Chris Briggs       Beta   Sorrento, BC   DNF

1  Wyatt Pospisil    Beta   Edmonton, AB   66
2  Shane Bridden     TRS    Kelowna, BC    71
1 Graylin Giesbrecht GG     Bently, AB     97
  Ben Pospisil       Beta   Edmonton, AB   DNF

1 Harold Pospisil    Beta   Edmonton, AB   26
2 Doug Harrish       Scorpa Edmonton, AB   30
3 Doug McLeod        Mont   Wetaskiwin, AB 30
4 Ken Knight         Sherco Calgary, AB    43

ATAQ Trial at Baie St-Paul (Quebec) on August 4 and 5, 2018
Alexis Horik & Felix Belanger win Rounds 5 & 6 of the Quebec Championship

The results of the two days at Baie St Paul can be seen HERE, and HERE

Stan Bakgaard wins Round 1 of the WTC National Championship (West)
Sunday, July 1st at Revelstoke, BC

Expert winner Stan Bakgaard at Revelstoke
Expert winner Stan Bakgaard at Revelstoke

The first round of the WTC National Series (West) at Revelstoke, BC could be termed a "Monster Monsoon Trial". The rain never let up on Saturday, causing Clerk of the Course Florian Schott to make the decision to drastically cut back on the planned loop, revamping things late into the evening. The crew worked long hours into the wet evening, greatly disappointed with the weather.

Weather problems are nothing new - Outlaw Dave recollected that the first CMA National he helped organize in Alberta in 1971 experienced two feet of snow on the morning of the Trial.   And the first Canadian FIM World Championship near Calgary, in 1975, brought heavy rain on the Saturday, and made for drastic changes to the 69-mile loop.

Mother Nature appears to have really contributed to a small entry in Revelstoke. The organizers thank everybody who did show up, ensuring that all competitors have points towards the National Series (West), which ends at Malakwa, BC in September. In retrospect, perhaps Canada Day was not the best choice for such an event, but there are a limited number of dates available once the fire season is blocked off.

Riders did arrive from as far away as Yellowknife, from Alberta and various other parts of BC.

Florian Schott and his team at the Revvy Riders Club are still very keen to build a full trials loop on their Forestry-approved area, complete with marked-out sections using colored markers, and with maps available for future visitors. This should prove quite an attraction for the large number of European vacationers who visit the area.

The next (and final) round of the 2018 WTC National Championship (West) will take place on September 30 at Malakwa, BC.

Here are the results:

1 Martin Lucas     Beta     Celista, BC      13
2 Britta Fournier  TRS      Enderby, BC      24
3 James Rogers     Beta     Revelstoke, BC   25
4 Dennis Brummell  Montesa  Yellowknife, NWT 28
5 Mitch Watts      Beta 4T  Wainwright, AB   30

1 Mark O'Neill     Montesa  Medicine Hat. AB 16
2 Ty Morrison      Beta     Scotch Creek, BC 26
3 Leigh Stocks     TRS      Revelstoke, BC   27
4 Bodi Watts       Beta     Wainwright, AB   30
5 Max Lang         TRS      Enderby, BC      32
6 Chris Briggs     Beta     Sorrento, BC     36
7 Brad Linderman   Montesa  Cochrane, AB     37

1 Richard Ouellet  Scorpa   Calgary, AB      24

1 Shane Bridden    TRS      West Kelowna, BC 37
2 Terry Dufloth    Vertigo  Revelstoke, BC   50

Senior Advanced
1 Andrew James     TRS      Enderby, BC      15
2 Ross Rathbone    Beta     Scotch Creek, BC 33

1 Stan Bakgaard    Scorpa   Yale, BC         36
2 Kolten Morrison  Beta     Scotch Creek, BC 75

Superstars Trial at Ioco, BC on June 16 & 17
Ryon Bell wins both days in Champ class

Two great days of trials riding took place at Ioco, BC on July 16 and 17, when the CPTA presented the annual two days of the Superstars trials weekend.

The full results can be seen here, for day one, and here, for day two.

SW Ontario Classic Trials on June 17, 2018
Dave Main takes Vintage A, and Tom Farr wins Modern A

The SW Ontario Classic Trials event at Kohler saw some hot temperatures and hot rides in all classes.

There was a turnout of 45 riders and, as has become the norm this year, a few new faces came out to give it a try. The turnout was especially nice considering the sweltering temperature and being Father's Day.

This was one of the more challenging events we've seen in a while and really featured some inspiring rides.

Trials results

Sam king wins Final Round of 2018 Outlaw Series on June 10 at Malakwa, BC

Story from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Senior Advanced winner Ted McDowell - TRS
Senior Advanced winner Ted McDowell (TRS)

Unlike Golf or tennis and some other sports, there was no "Rain Delay" at Malakwa on Sunday, June 10, for the final round of the 2018 Outlaw Series. But the weather was pretty ugly, more like Scotland than BC. It was a stark contrast from Round #2 at Scotch Creek, when the temperatures were in the +30 range.

However, nobody was complaining as the riders set out to tackle two loops of the ten sections that Sammy King had set up around the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, which is a wonderful area at the north end of the Okanagan Valley. And Sam got the degree of difficulty just about spot on, allowing for the poor weather conditions.

It was great to see riders from both the Vancouver area and Alberta make the long road trip to support the event. With snow forecast for the Mountain Passes, nobody could blame people for staying home. But at least the rainy spell will help postpone the worry of forest fires.


1 Roger Tessier   Beta    Kamloops, BC     17

1 Leigh Stocks    TRS     Revelstoke, BC   33
2 Ty Morrison     Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 48
3 Chris Briggs    Beta    Sorrento, BC     57
4 Russ Nelson     Beta    Celista, BC      58
  Terry Dufloth   Vertigo                  DNF

Senior Intermediate
1 Richard Oullet  Scorpa  Calgary, AB      36

1 Cam Collie      Vertigo Vancouve, BC     21
2 Sawer Collie    Ossa    Vancouver, BC    23
3 Shane Bridden   TRS     Kelowna, BC      24
4 Jake Wideman    Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 25
5 Don Corrorcan   GG      Golden, BC       59

Senior Advanced
1 Ted McDowall    TRS     Vancouver, BC     6
2 Ross Rathbone   Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 11
3 Marcus Buhrig   Beta    Blind Bay, BC    24

1 Sam King        GG      Sicamous, BC      9
2 Kolten Morrison Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 46
3 Mike Crumly     Scorpa  Mission, BC      55

Thanks to our Score keeper, Judy Rathbone, and to Carl Kuster and Marshal for allowing the use of the land. The next event will be the first WTC National Round (West) at Revelstoke on July 1st.

With the 2018 Outlaw Series now concluded, here are the winners of the #1 plates for this year. Note: There was an unbreakable tie in the Junior Class, so we will award all three riders a Number One plate.

Expert           Sam King
Advanced         Cam Collie
Senior Advanced  Ted McDowall
Intermediate     Ty Morrison
Sportsman        Richard  Oullet
Junior           Dave Seifert, Harold Pospisil, Roger Tessier

Thanks to all the competitors who attended, and to the organizers who hosted the events. Plus, of course, Julie, who has been the mainstay of our Scoring committee.

Outlaw Dave Rhodes selected for the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame

Dave Rhodes - then and now
Dave Rhodes - then and now
It's good news for the world of trials when one of our own is selected for induction into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Dave Rhodes will be inducted this year, and it's a very well-deserved honour for Outlaw Dave.

Dave has a wonderful history in the word of motorcycling, starting with his participation in trials in hs native Wales back in the early 1950's. When Dave moved to Canada in 1965, he continued with his interest in trials, and motorcycles in general. He was team manager for the Canadian team and for Yamaha at the ISDE in 1983, and spent some very happy years working with Yamaha when the company was manufacturing some of the leading off-road machinery. In 1975, Dave organized the FIM World Round in Canada (a first for this country), which was held near Calgary. For more than thirty years, now, Dave has managed his own successful business, Outlaw Trialsport, in Vernon, BC.

Dave has a flair for organization, which can be seen by the popularity of our sport in the interior of British Columbia, where he makes his home, and by the amazing success of Dave's Outlaw series, covering both Alberta and BC.

Dave was one of the original supporters of the trials arm of World Enduro Canada, which has since become World Trials Canada. He continues to do voluntary work for the organization, and has been instrumental in the success of the WTC's National Championship series, which is now in its tenth year, with continuing success.

It's a timely recognition for Dave, after his sixty-five years of dedication to this great sport.

The Honda Centre Trial at Ioco, BC on May 27

The Honda Trial at Ioco, BC on May 27
The Honda Trial at Ioco, BC on May 27

Story from Don Doerkson

Photo by Jeff Green

A lovely sunny day greeted the riders at the Honda Centre Trial at Ioco, B.C. on May 27, 2018. Fifty-four riders showed up to ride sections that took very few points from some of the class winners, but took plenty from the rest of the entry.

Thomas Cordner came over from the Island to win the Expert class with only seven points over the 33 sections. Ted McDowall did even better losing only three points to win Senior 45. Brandon Schmit brought out the electric trials bike he has been building over the winter, and he showed the Advanced riders how to take the fewest points. Bob Clark had the low points for the day though, with zero points to win Sportsman handily. Russel Skiver topped the Intermediate class, and Dave Seifert took only five points to win Junior. Thanks to Ted and Peirce for some great sections, and thanks to The Honda Centre in Burnaby for their sponsorship.

Full results can be seen HERE.

2018 Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek, BC on May 19 & 20
Sam King wins Expert class both days

Bob Clark at the Outlaw Trial
Bob Clark at the Outlaw Trial

Two trials were hosted over the weekend of May 19 and 20, 2018, at Scotch Creek, BC. The trial on Sunday (May 20) attracted a larger entry, as it was round two of the Outlaw Championship series. About 50 competitors made their way to Scotch Creek, BC to compete in the two days of fun.

The weather was rather warm for the two days, but the sections were exactly right, with the leaders in each class achieving single-digit scores. This made for a lot of smiles all around, as riders thoroughly enjoyed the perfect level of difficulty in both trials.

Sam King won the Expert class of these WTC-sanctioned trials on both days, with scores of seven and eight respectively.

This was the 31st running of this classic trial. It's no wonder that this series reguarly attracts better than 100 competitors in total each summer. This year, competiors at this trial arrived from as far away as Vancouver Island in the west, and Alberta in the East.

For the full results, please Click HERE.

Maritime Trials Event #2 on May 20th
Kevin Patterson wins Advanced Class

Report from Michael Traves

Well the weather might have been damp at Falmouth, NS on Sunday, but it didn't dampen the enthusiasm.

Given the rain, we ended up modifying the sections as we went. But still the Intermediate line completed only one loop, while the advanced riders managed two loops. Intermediate was really close, with Joel Irving winning by virtue of the "most cleans" rule.

It was pretty impressive seeing bikes in fourth gear wide open coming up some of the hills and actually making it (or not).

Thanks to everyone for coming out it really was pretty epic, looking back on it.

Kevin Patterson  42 (Most cleans)
Owen Patterson   42 
Mike Forsythe    49
Eric Morse       61
Guy Gauvin       DNF

Joel Irving      17 (Most cleans)
Patrick Goguen   17
Andy Hennigar    18
Ian Moffat       21
Michael Traves   27
Denis Goguen     DNF

Brian Moore      38
Kelvin Day       DNF
David M          DNF

Dominique Goguen DNF

Fist two rounds of the Quebec championship
May 12 & 13 at Riviere-du-Loup.

ATAQ Trials Championship 2018

The first two rounds of the 2018 Quebec trials chamionship were held at Riviere-du-Loup on May 12 and 13. The medals for the trials were donated by La Cage aux Sports of Riviere-du-Loup.

We have the complete results, which you can see by clicking Here and Here.

May 6 - First Nova Scotia trial of 2018
Kevin Patterson takes top place at Berwick, NS

The first trial of the year in the Maritimes took place on Sunday, May 6, at Berwick, NS.

Michael Traves reports that it was a great day in Berwick - the weather was great and the sections were AWESOME.

Here are the results:
Results from Berwick, NS

Victoria Motorcycle Club's Joe Brown Major Trial on April 22, 2018
Brandon Wince takes convincing win in the Expert class

Story from Roger Boothroyd

Dave Fair on his Vertigo at the Joe Brown trial
Dave Fair on his Vertigo at the Joe Brown trial - Photo by Dale Coull

Clear, sunny skies greeted the twenty-five riders who entered the annual Joe Brown Major Trial at the Shawnigan ISTC property. Ten challenging checks were laid out with varying levels of difficulty for the six separate classes. All rode each check three times. With the weather being favourable, the traction was excellent leading to some relatively low scores. Thanks to the committee of Steve Fracy, Brandon Volk, Simon Kitchen, Tim Jenneson with Lorraine Fracy handling the sign up and score keeping. Trish from Vinnie’s Gourmet Dogs was on site to provide a healthy lunch for the committee and riders.

Full results are available HERE.

CPTA Squid Outlaw Trial on April 15, 2018 at Ioco, BC
Sean Bird takes win in annual trial sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport

Ted McDowell at the Squid Outlaw Trial
Ted McDowell at the Squid Outlaw Trial
Picture by Dave Rhodes
Story by Don Doerksen

The CPTA presented the 2018 Squid Outlaw trial on April 15/18 at Ioco. Fortyfour riders showed up to contest the event which was kindly sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport and Accessories based in Vernon B.C. The overnight rain stopped for the day and left lots of soggy sections. It was 19 sections twice for Advanced and Expert which made for a long tiring day that took a fair few points and left some tired riders in its wake. Sean Bird was the class of the Expert class with about half of the points of the next rider. Ted McDowall and Cam Collie won Sen.45 and Advanced. Dave Fair snuck over from Vancouver Island to put in two 5 point loops and win the highly contested Sportsman class. Russell Skiver rode well to win Int. and Dave Siefert is keeping up his domination of the Junior class. This event was also the first event of the Outlaw series and next up is the May long weekend at Scotch Creek.

Th full results can be seen HERE.

Jonathan English wins ATA's Tweed (ON) trial on April 14

Dave Cordy presents first place trophy to Jonathan English

For the full results, please click HERE.

CPTA Spring Classic Trial at Ioco, BC on April 8.
Perfect Day for the Classic Bikes

Bob Clark - like a canary in the woods
Bob Clark - like a canary in the woods

Report from Don Doerksen, Picture by Jeff Green

It was perfect classic trials weather for the CPTA Spring Classic trial on April 8, 2018 at Ioco B.C. That means that there was enough rain to slick some things up and make those big old flywheels worthwhile. Sections three and four were a sub-section up a rocky bed, creating what was probably the most entertaining section. At least you felt the exercise by the end of that section and a double clean was worth celebrating. Section nine had a tight spot between a very large tree and a very large rock and you can see that we took a lot of points there. Thanks to Dave Craig for a good workout and a good event. Yours truly (Don Doerksen) managed to win the Classic A on the Purple People Eater ( it threw the chain twice in sections and I proceeded backwards down the hill rapidly). Greg Patrick borrowed a Majesty to win Classic B and Paul Brodie won Sportsman and had an impressive 1 point last loop. Tim Wright was the sole Intermediate but it looks like he exerted some effort with a lot of points taken. Dave Siefert led the Juniors by quite a margin in what looks like a high scoring event for them.

Full results can be seen HERE.

Reg Shanks Trial at Victoria, BC on March 25, 2018
Thomas Cordner wins expert class

Report from Roger Boothroyd

A light frost and cool weather greeted the 35 riders who entered the annual Reg Shanks Trial held at the Victoria Club’s property on Happy Valley Road near Victoria. Originally named the Novice Trial, it was changed in 1979 to honour Reg, a long time member (deceased) who was instrumental in acquiring the club property. . With no rain in the previous days, and only a little moisture in the ground, traction was excellent. Ten sections were laid out with varying degrees of difficulty for the several classes ranging from Junior to Expert. The Beginner small wheel class had separate checks in the parking lot.

The full results can be seen here - Reg Shanks Trial Results.

TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 18, 2018
Close finish between Alex Waltom and runner-up Sean Bird

Picture of top expert Alex Walton at the TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 18, 2018. Picture by Ron Walsh
Top expert Alex Walton at the TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 18, 2018
Photo by Ron Walsh

Report from Don Doerksen

It looked like a misty, rainy day as competitors made their way to the TRS Trial at Ioco on Mar. 18, 2018. Half of last month's trial had been cancelled because of snow that made the Expert & Advanced sections too dangerous. But any fears about a miserable, rainy day disappeared right after the riders' meeting. The rain stopped, leaving perfect trials weather and some damp ground to keep a fellow honest. The Expert class was as tight as can be, with just one point separating the winner, Alex Walton, from Sean Bird. The new Expert/Support class had a good ride with just enough challenge, with Ted McDowall leading the way. The Advanced and Senior 45 classes took quite a few points, with Cam Collie and Carl Muller coming out on top. Intermediates and the Sportsmen rode the same lines with Bob Todosychuk coming up with an amazing clean last loop to win Sportsman, and Ian Carlson handily winning Intermediate. It was nice to see five in the Junior class, which Dave Carlson won in a high-scoring event. It turned out to be a great day for a ride. The next CPTA event is the Spring Classic on April Fools' Day.

New website for Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials

The Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group has a new website, it's at

The group has been experiencing great success in recent years organizing trials in Ontario.

The group's next event is March 25 at Woodstock, where a free entry is offered to the Trials School, with a Free Hot Dog BBQ. It's at: Wilson's Farm, 615760 13th Line, Woodstock, ON. The GPS coordinates are:43.19997, -80.7772. ​Contact: Jim Cox 519-469-3338.

Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada applies for FIM membership

The MCC (Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada) has announced that it is now in the process of applying to the FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) for the right to represent Canada in the world of international motorcycling. The MCC is the body to which WTC (world Trials Canada) is associated, along with the WEC (World Enduro Canada), Flat Track Canada and CSBK (Canadian Superbike Championship). In the meantime, the CMA continues to represent Canada at the FIM. We'll keep you posted regarding the latest news about all of this.

Results for the Les Blow Trial at Victoria on Feb 18, 2018
Thomas Cordner edges Ryon Bell for top expert

Report from Roger Boothroyd

A blast of winter weather and a skiff of snow greeted the thirty riders who entered the annual Les Blow Trial at the Club's property in Metchosin, BC. Cold weather and that bit of fresh snow made for very tricky conditions and higher than normal scores.

The expert class pitted Ryon Bell against Thomas Cordner, both of them Vertigo mounted. Bell enjoyed two excellent rides on the second and third loops, but failed to make up for his first-loop score, losing the Frank Baylis Trophy to Thomas Cordner by just one point.

The full results can be seen HERE.

WTC National Dates for 2018 Confirmed
Eastern Championship Dates on Sept 15 & 16 at Morin Heights, Quebec

The dates for the WTC National Championship (East) have been confirmed as September 15 and 16, to take place at Morin Heights, Quebec. This fills out the WTC national calendar for 2018, with the National Championships (West) to take place on July 1 at Revelstoke, BC and on September 30 at Malakwa, BC. It promises to be another enjoyable year for competitors in the 2018 WTC trials.

All Trials Results from 2017 Archived

The 2017 trials reports from this page of the TrialsCanada website have now been archived on the "Results" page of the site.

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2018 BC Trials Dates from Outlaw Dave (Outlaw Series and WTC Nationals)
Note the change of date for Malakwa in June

2018 Trial Dates in BC, from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

April 15th         Ioco, BC          Round 1 Outlaw Series (CPTA)
May 19 and 20      Scotch Creek, BC  Round 2 Outlaw Series (WTC)
June 10            Malakwa, BC       Round 3 Outlaw Series (WTC)
July 1st           Revelstoke, BC    Round 1 WTC National Series - West
September 30th     Malakwa, BC       Round 2 WTC National Series - West

Outlaw Series - 2017 Standings
100 participants in the series this year

Following the final Outlaw event of the year in Victoria, Outlaw Dave Rhodes has provided us with the winners of each class for the 2017 Series. The Outlaw is a championship series run over five events in Alberta and BC each year.

Dave tells us that these are the winners of the #1 Plates for the 2017 Outlaw Series.

Expert:              Steve Day (Vertigo)     Vancouver, BC  46 points
Advanced:            Chris Tronnes (Gas Gas) Bentley, AB    60
Senior Advanced:     Guy Smeeth (Gas Gas)    Surrey, BC     51
Intermediate:        Shane Bridden (TRS)     Kelowna, BC    55
Senior Intermediate: Richard Oulett (Scorpa) Calgary. AB    75
Sportsman:           Harold Pospisil (Beta)  Edmonton, AB   60
Junior:              Starla Smeeth (Gas Gas) Surrey, BC     60
Vintage:             Three way tie between Bob Clark, Dave Bloxam and
                     Riley Ferguson, all three with 30 points.  No #1
                     Plate will be awarded for this Class.
A total of 100 riders took part in the series. Congratulations to all who attended the five events in Alberta and BC.

Any riders wishing to know where they placed can contact Outlaw via his website,

New WTC rules for electric bikes

The WTC has announced the rules concerning electric bikes. The ruling is that all machines must complete the entire course under their own power. For electric bikes, which lack sufficient range to complete a long course, organizers have three options. On very short courses, electric machines can compete without any special consideration. On longer courses, the organizers have the option to create a special, short loop for an electric machine class, or they may simply enforce the ruling that only machines with sufficient range can compete in the event.

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