ECTA Lions Head (ON) trial, October 18, 2015

Jordan Szoke at Lions Head, ON, Oct 18
Jordan Szoke at Lions Head, ON, on October 18

Located just minutes away from Lions Head, Ontario, and within the borders of the beautiful Bruce Peninsula Georgian Bay Coastline, is a local haven for trials. An area lovingly maintained by Clive and Elaine was where the ECTA club hosted their one-day event, which attracted an entry of twenty competitors.

The trial started under beautiful sunny skies peeping throughout the already turned fall foliage. The best four of five loops were to be scored throughout the day, as weather forecasts anticipated unpredictable weather.

Jordan Szoke completed the five loops underneath the 4 hours deadline with time to spare. Tossing out his highest loop score he completed the day with 49 points, and claimed the victory in the expert class.

"Fall is the best time or trials, I look forward to this event every year." smiled a victorious Szoke. "The weather was interesting, it snowed on us a bit there, but it didn’t seem to affect things very much. The sun came out and it ended up being a wicked day. Big thanks to the ECTA and Clive and Elaine for the hard work they put into running this final event of the season."