ATRA Trial at Calgary on May 1, 2016

Tino Marin at Calgary, AB, May 1
Tino Marin at Calgary, AB, May 1

Story and Photo by Ourlaw Dave Rhodes

Alberta's season-opener ATRA Trial, sanctioned by the WTC, was held at Blackfoot Park in Calgary on Sunday May 1st, in what turned out to be very warm temperatures. In fact, most riders and spectators got quite a sun burn.

With only the enduro-cross area to work with, the Pospisil family still managed to come up with some very tricky, stadium-style sections, which took points from all the riders, including the Expert winner, Tino Marin -- although his solitary dab was perhaps more of a lapse of concentration, as he had no trouble cleaning 17 of the 18 sections, riding the Outlaw Beta Evo 200. Runner-up Ben Pospisil (Beta) tallied a score of 35 points.

Other scores: Junior 1st Andrew Nownes (GG) 27, 2nd Robert Mills (GG) 41. Advanced 1st Chris Tronnes (GG) 9, 2nd Max Jones (Hon) 34, 3rd Wyatt Pospisil (Beta) 48, 4th Kevin Smith (Beta) 50. Senior 45 1st Harold Pospisil (Beta) 32. Sportsman 1st Aaron Brassard (Sherco) 11, 2nd Richard Ouellet (Sherco) 14, 3rd Ken Knight (Sherco) 16, 4th Steve Mills (GG) 28. Vintage 1st Mitch Langell (Yam) 13, 2nd Shane Sugden (Bul) 38, 3rd Kurt Layton (Yam) 44, 4th Dave Sugden (Yam) 64.

The small entry is perhaps a reflection that this "parking lot" style event, is not as popular as the regular "woods" type, as the sections require a lot of trick riding, However, everybody certainly had a lot of fun, and what a glorious day to be at the famous Blackfoot Motorcycle Park, the place where we attended out first-ever Canadian Moto Cross, back in 1969, which was televised on "Wide World of Sports".