2016 CMA national championship trial, Bengough, Sask. August 19 - 21, 2016

The CMA's national trial held at Bengough, Saskatchewan on August 20 and 21 appears to have attracted riders from across the coutry. There was a total of 21 riders listed on the result-sheets for day one, and just 17 for day two.

Here's a brief report of the trial, submitted to us by Dave Southam: All of Saskatchewan is not perfectly flat; the majority of sections started at the bottom of a huge ravine and worked their way to the top traversing steep shale and eroded clay slopes. Weather was thankfully perfect dry and if you didn't get lost too many times. The loop which, was ridden three times each day, was apparently about seven kilometres in length. Time was tight on the first day with all finishing riders collecting some penalty points, for the second day a few of the sections were eased up and additional time was allotted.

The Champ and Expert classes were the only two with sufficient entries to produce official championship standings. The organizers went to a lot of trouble to lay out the the course and arrange the supporting activities, so it's unfortunate for them that the event experienced such a lack of support.

On day one, the top finishers in the Champ class were: 1. Tino Marin (Alberta - Beta), 2. Michel Belanger (Quebec - Beta), 3. Jonathan English (Ontario - Beta). The day one Expert results were: 1. Stephen Foord (Alberta - Beta), 2. Jacek Jablonski (Alberta - Scorpa), 3. Paul-Yvan Belanger (Quebec - Beta)

The day two Champ class results were: 1. Tino Marin (Alberta - Beta), 2. Alex Walton (BC - Beta), 3, Brian Wojnarowski (Ontario - Sherco) Day two experts were: 1. Stephen Foord (Alberta - Beta), 2. Jacek Jablonski (Alberta - Scorpa), 3. Andrew Allen (BC - Gas Gas)

So the overall final standings in the Champ class are: 1. Tino Marin (30 points), 2. Alex Walton (18 points), 3. Brian Wojnarowski (18 points), 4. Jonathan English (18 points), 5. Michel Belanger (17 points), Matt Fracy (11 points). In the Expert class, the results were: 1. Stephen Foord (30 points), 2. Jacek Jablonski (24 points), 3, Andrew Allen (18 points), 4. Ryan Gadd (13 points), 5. Jon Nelson (12 points), 6. Paul-Yvan Belanger (10 points)

Finishers in the other classes were: Advanced - Max Jones (AB), Intermediate - Geoff Gerbrandt (SK), Junior - Mark O'Neill (AB), Veteran - Dave Fracy (BC), Super Veteran - 1. Dave Southam (ON), 2, John Searle (ON)