30th Annual Outlaw Trial, May 20 & 21, 2017. Scotch Creek, BC

Action at the Outlaw trial, at Scotch Creek, BC on May 20 and 21, 2017
Action at the Outlaw trial, at Scotch Creek, BC on May 20 & 21, 2017

Story and Photo by Outlaw Dave Rhodes

The 30th edition of the popular Outlaw Trial took place at Scotch Creek (BC) over the May long weekend in absolutely brilliant weather conditions. The chief organizer , Ross Rathbone, along with his crew, did an outstanding job, making this event very, very special. The ladies who did all the scoring (Julie & Judy) deserve a special mention, because without them, the old guy would be struggling.

There were riders from Alberta, Vancouver and all over the Okanagan. Some were out to give it a try for the first time, some just rode for one day, but nobody went home without a smile, which is what is the main ingredient for a Trial that has lasted so many years,

Early Saturday morning, it was the Vintage riders who were first out to tackle ten sections of typical "English" style terrain, with a wide variety to test rider and machine. After this was completed, the riders fired up their modern bikes for the first day of the modern event, which featured twenty sections for the juniors and sportsman classes, but twenty-eight for the rest, including a final watery triple section called "Crazy Rhodes Creek". This proved to be a real challenge, with lots of points taken by the tired riders.

Saturday night was time for the traditional "Cook-fest", with Ross and Jake doing the honours with help from the other super friendly family members. And then a big surprise - Ross had arranged for a superb fireworks display. When I say, "If you were not there, you really missed a good one", it just seems to get better every year. Everybody has such a great time.

As always, Team Outlaw was out on the loop, watching the action, and taking lots of video and still shots. The mud holes on the trail might have reminded Stan Bakgaard of the stuff he was riding a couple of weeks ago in Scotland, and they certainly caught out a few people, but it all added to the fun.

Sunday dawned clear and bright, and the seven classes all did it again, but this time the Juniors and Sportsmen rode the last eight sections - including the notorious "Rhodes" hazard.

At the end of a quite hot afternoon the scores for both days were tallied up, and the overall winners announced with "Trophy Gal" Judy Rathbone presenting the medals and plaques.

Here are the results.

1 Bob Clark         Coquitlam.BC      SWM            5
2 Don Doerksen      Mission, BC       Ossa           7 
3 Guy Smeeth        Surrey, BC        Ossa          14
Air cooled Mono
1 Stan Backgaard    Yale, BC          Yam TY250
1  Starla Smeeth    Surrey, BC        GG             23
1 Mark O'Neil       Medicine Hat, AB  Mont           11
2 Brett Clark       Coquitlam, BC     TRS            25
3 Steve Richardson  Gambier Is, BC    Mont           59
4 Amelina Smeeth    Surrey, BC        GG             60
1 Shane Bridden     Kelowna,BC        Outlaw TRS     34
2 Craig Parfitt     Sherwood Park, AB Outlaw  Beta   54
3 Justin Surina     Nelson, BC        GG             93
4 Ty Morrison       Scotch Creek, BC  Beta           95
Senior Intermediate
1 Bob Clark         Coquitlam, BC     TRS             21
2 Richard Ouellet   Calgary, AB       Scorpa         117
1 Ben Pospisil      Edmonton, BC         Outlaw Beta  31
2 Kolten Morrison   Scotch Creek, BC     Outlaw Beta  47
3 Jake Wideman      Scotch Creek, BC     Outlaw Beta  52
Senior Advanced.
1 Guy Smeeth        Surrey, BC            GG           39
2 Ross Rathbone     Scotch Creek, BC      Outlaw Beta  41
3 Don Doerksen      Mission, BC           Scorpa       57
4 Brent Anctil      Vancouver, BC         Beta         72
5 Dean Seaman       Sorrento, BC          Outlaw Beta  88
1 Sam King          Australia/Golden, BC  Outlaw Beta   25
2 Steve Day         Coquitlam, BC         Vertigo       57
3 Stan Bakgaard     Yale, BC              Scorpa        68
Please note that some riders rode only one day, so they did not feature in the results.