CPTA Spring Classic Trial at Ioco, BC on April 8.
Perfect Day for the Classic Bikes

Bob Clark - like a canary in the woods
Bob Clark - like a canary in the woods

Report from Don Doerksen, Picture by Jeff Green

It was perfect classic trials weather for the CPTA Spring Classic trial on April 8, 2018 at Ioco B.C. That means that there was enough rain to slick some things up and make those big old flywheels worthwhile. Sections three and four were a sub-section up a rocky bed, creating what was probably the most entertaining section. At least you felt the exercise by the end of that section and a double clean was worth celebrating. Section nine had a tight spot between a very large tree and a very large rock and you can see that we took a lot of points there. Thanks to Dave Craig for a good workout and a good event. Yours truly (Don Doerksen) managed to win the Classic A on the Purple People Eater ( it threw the chain twice in sections and I proceeded backwards down the hill rapidly). Greg Patrick borrowed a Majesty to win Classic B and Paul Brodie won Sportsman and had an impressive 1 point last loop. Tim Wright was the sole Intermediate but it looks like he exerted some effort with a lot of points taken. Dave Siefert led the Juniors by quite a margin in what looks like a high scoring event for them.

Full results can be seen HERE.