CPTA Fall Classic Trial on October 15, 2018 at Ioco, BC

Classic A winner Pierce McNeal
Classic "A" winner Pierce McNeal

Beautiful sunny weather saw a higher than usual turnout for the Fall Classic Trial hosted by the Canada Pacific Trials Association on October 16/18. Ioco was buzzing with old two-strokes as some bikes that were resurrected in the previous week or two were dragged out and revved out.

A few expert riders shared rides and it was great to see how well they did when they did not have the power, suspension or brakes that they were used to. Pierce McNeal just eked out the win by cleans over Sean Bird in Classic A and Mike Hay dropped only one point all day in Classic B.

The Sportsman class had lots of riders with Greg Patrick coming out on top with only two points. It was good to see a couple of new riders out in Junior, and Dave Seifert was the clear winner there.