Adrian Brown Memorial Trial, October 9, 2011

from Dave Rhodes

Ady Brown Trial

Brandon wince took the expert win at the second running of the Adrian Brown Memorial Trial. which took place near Summerland, BC on Sunday, October 9th, in what were almost ideal weather conditions.

With a long interesting loop that incorporated 20 sections, the 30 enthusiasts from all over Western Canada were challenged (but not intimidated) by the variety of the rocky hills, interspersed with some tricky log hopping. Everybody had good things to say after approximately 4 hours out in the woods.

A number of people enjoyed the camp out, with lots of stories about Adrian and other good friends lost to cancer. It was a fitting way to remember them - we even had Dr Terry Bainbridge (who works at the Kelowna Cancer Clinic) show up for the ride.

A big thankyou to everybody who travelled a long way to spend the weekend with us in the Okanagan, with special mention to the clean-up crew, who took down the tape on Monday.


1  Brandon Wince         GG      Kelowna, BC       11
2  Stan Bakgaard         Sherco  Yale,  BC         23
3  Jacek Jablonski       Beta    Red Deer, AB      25
4  Steve Fracy           Beta    Shawnigan, BC     31
5  Mike Palczak          Sherco  Edmonton, AB      45
6  Matt Fracy            Beta    Shawnigan, BC     48

1  Ben Pospisil          Beta    Edmonton, AB      45

Snr 45
1  John Dearie           Beta    Vancouver, BC     23
2  Harold Pospisil       Beta    Edmonton, AB      36
3  Bernard Vaillancourt  Mont    Vancouver, BC     43
4  Steve Richardson      Sherco  Gambier Isl, BC   47
5  Doug Harrish          Yamaha  Edmonton, AB      64
6  Leigh Stocks          Beta    Revelstoke, BC    82
   Barry Van As
   Terry Bainbridge

1  Mark O'Neill          Scorpa  Medicina Hat, AB  25

1  Glen Kemp             GG      Strathmore, AB     4
2  Dean Seaman           Beta    Sorrento, BC       9
3  Wyatt Pospisil        Beta    Edmonton,  AB     10
4  Harley Seaman         GG      Sorrento, BC      10
5  Lance Priemaza        Beta    Edmonton, AB      14
6  Ken Knight            GG      Okitoks, AB       18
7  John Jensen           Mont    Pincher Creek, AB 18
8  Jeff Ryan             Beta    Vernon, BC        20
9  Steve Jansen          Scorpa  Abbotsford, BC    21
10 Dave George           Beta    Kelowna, BC       22
11 Harold Mingham        Beta    Salmon Arm, BC    24
12 Dick Dunn             Fantic  Kamloops, BC      47

1  Jay Colley            Bultaco Nelson, BC        14
2  Sam Mingham           Bultaco Salmon Arm, BC    25