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Trials Canada offers the opportunity to advertise to most trials enthusiasts across Canada for an extraordinarily low cost. Our receives 30,000 page-views each month, with 3,200 DIFFERENT trials enthusiasts on the site each month.

We know of no other medium which provides such exposure to a Canadian Trials Audience, twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week.

Advertising takes the form of ads in "Animated GIF" format down the right-hand column of our main ("Index") page, or banner ads across the top of the main page.

It is our intention to enhance the trials community in Canada with this website, while attempting to cover most of our costs. For this reason, we do charge a fee for our main-page ads.

Just let us know what your advertising requirements are, and we'll build the ad for you in "Animated GIF" format, similar to the ads you can currently see on our main page.

We will continue to provide free links in our dealer links section. You are also free to use our Classified Ad section.

If you'd like to take advantage of this wonderful advertising opportunity, please contact us at with your requirements.

Advertising Pricing

Our fee for a one-year run of your banner ad at the top of the main page of is just $175 per yesr. This works out to a little over three dollars per week - a great deal for such exposure!

If you'd prefer the smaller ads down the right-hand side of the main page, our charge is just $45 per year.

Contact Us

Our Telephone number is: (250) 246-1389

Our Mailing Address is:
Bob Johns
3324 Cook Street
Chemainus, BC, Canada
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