Adrian Brown Trial, October 12, 2014

Adrian Brown Trial, 2014

The Ady Brown Trial has now been going for a number of years as a memorial to Adrian, who passed away from Cancer at age fifty-one.

One competitor who has attended and won all but one event is Kelowna Beta rider Brandon Wince. And he did it again on Sunday, October 12th, at the new trials venue at OK Falls.

With a new set-up crew and a gorgeous day in the Valley, we were very impressed with the turn-out from all over Alberta and BC. Plus, the lads got 99% of all the sections just right for the various classes.

As always, the entry fee for this event is by donation to the cancer fund. A total of $630 was collected a total of $630. Outlaw Dave is not sure of the exact numbers, but close to $4,000.00 has now been donated to this worthy cause through these trials events.

To add something different at the trial, the set-up crew came up with a "Party" line on most of the Expert sections -- if a rider chose this harder line and cleaned it, then they received bonus points, which were deducted from their final overall score. This was a neat idea, which was a lot of fun.

After the results were read out, a bunch of "Freebees" were handed out, including the Sam King Trials jacket. Thanks to Ricky and Outlaw Trialsport for this. Approximately $800 worth of goodies were given away.

1 Brandon Wince      Beta    Kelowna, BC      -19
2 Ricky Styles       GG      Penticton, BC     -5
3 Steve Day          GG      Vancouver, BC      1
4 Andrew Deboer      GG      Whistler, BC      14
5 Jay Colley         Montesa Ymir, BC          33
6 Sean Dickson       Beta    Squamish, BC      37

1 Dean Seaman        Beta    Sorrento, BC      17
2 Lawrence Jacobics  Beta    OK Falls, BC      24
3 Lee Usher          Beta    Nelson, BC        27
4 Kevin Elbury       Beta    Kelowna, BC       31
5 Kevin Smith        GG      Calgary, AB       33
6 Leigh Stocks       Sherco  Revelstoke, BC    47
7 Jason Munns        GG      OK Falls, BC      56

1 Ken Knight         Sherco  Turner Valley, AB 14
2 John Baxter        GG      Vernon, BC        18
3 Chris Briggs       Sherco  Sorrento, BC      45
4 Graeme Manning,    GG      Penticton, BC     55
5 John Jenson        Montesa Pincher Creek, AB 65

There was also a total of 6 DNF in the various classes -- some had to leave for Turkey Supper!