ATRA Trial at Rocky Mountain House, Aug 28, 2011

from Dave Rhodes

ATRA Rocky Mountain House Trial

The ATRA Rocky Mountain House Trial on Sunday, had a total of 29 riders in seven classes, with everybody enjoying the beautful weather in Central Alberta.

Steve Foord (Sherco) took an easy win in the Expert class, ahead of Jacek Jablonski ( Beta) who recovered well after a bad first loop. Steve & Doug Doel rounded out this class, with Steve doubling up on Foordy's bike and Doug riding his Ossa.

Marris Romaniuc (pictured) took the Inter class on his Sherco, while Ben Pospisil (Beta) lost out on cleans to Ty Hartwig (Scorpa) in the Advanced. Roger Flinkman (GG) beat out Harold Pospisil (Beta) in the Senior, and Glen Kemp (GG) won the Sportsman.

Congrats to the club on hosting another very sensible and fun event, which saw quite a large group of spectators.


1.Wyatt Pospisil      6 pts
2.Roger Giesbrecht   10 pts
3.Blaine Jensen      30 pts
4.Zack Kallen        31 pts
5.Graylin Giesbrecht 62 pts
6.James Kallen DNF

1.Marris Romaniuk    28 pts
2.Mark O'Neil        29 pts
3.Max Jones          33 pts
4.Robert Lukastik    35 pts
5.Tony Fluet         38 pts
6.Mitch Langell      56 pts

1.Ty Hartwig         21 pts (won on the tie-break by 2 cleans)
2.Ben Pospisil       21 pts
3.Rob Healey         25 pts
4.Hardy Hartwig      38 pts
5.Byrnie Schroderus  42 pts

1.Steve Foord         8 pts
2.Jacek Jablonski    22 pts
3.Steve Doel         31 pts
4.Doug Doel          61 pts

1.Roger Flinkman     23 pts
2.Harold Pospisil    27 pts

1.Glen Kemp          10 pts
2.Ken Knight         15 pts
3.Chris Berkeley     18 pts
4.John Jensen        39 pts

1.Doug Harrish         0 pts
2.Rennie Labercane    44 pts