ATRA Cow Patty Trial at Rocky Mountain House, July 30 & 31, 2016. Outlaw Series

Vintage Outlaw trial at Rocky Mountain House
Vintage Outlaw trial at Rocky Mountain House

The two-day ATRA "Cow Patty" event took place on the July 30 & 31 weekend, at the nice farm property of Byrnie Schroderus, near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. This also formed rounds three and four of the Outlaw Series, and was sanctioned by the WTC.

Although there was not a huge turn-out of riders (twenty competitors on Sunday - eighteen on Saturday), the Saturday morning event for modern bikes saw some great riding, which took place on a mixture of man-made and natural sections.

In the Expert class, Tino Marin (Beta) put on quite a show, but even he lost a couple of "Fives" on the very steep hill sections that bordered the creek.

Later in the day, it was the turn of the vintage riders. The start was delayed for a short time while a rainstorm blew through the area. Tino doubled-up with Mark on the TY 175, and the spectators were treated to more great riding as he did "sit down wheelies" across the field.

After a cool night around the camp fire, Sunday dawned sunny and clear, providing ideal conditions for day two. Doug Doel showed up to ride the Sunday event, as did Roger Greisbrecht and his son. We saw a few tumbles on the man made obstacles, but there were no injuries, and everybody had a super time.

The last round of the Outlaw Series will be at Scotch Creek (BC) in October.

The photograph shows some of the vintage riders posing in front of a spectator's very nice rig. Photo credit DHR



1.Shane Bridden       63  Honda

Sr Intermediate
1.Roger Flinkman      60  Honda
2.Doug MacLoud        61  Honda

1.Chris Tronnes       32  GasGas
2.Wyatt Pospisil      63  Beta

1.Tino Marin          23  Beta 
2.Ben Pospisil        70  Beta

1.Mark O'Neill        50  Honda
2.Harold Pospisil     73  Beta 

Sportsman B
1.Doug Harrish        25  Scorpa
2.Steve Mills         30  Gas Gas
3.Steve Richardson    43  Yamaha
4.Robert Lukastik     59  GasGas


1.Graylin Giesbrecht 32  GasGas
2.Roger Giesbrecht   66  Beta
3.Shane Bridden      89  Honda

Sr Intermediate
1.Harold Pospisil    28  Beta

1.Chris Tronnes      46  GasGas
2.Doug Doel          71  Sherco
3.Wyatt Pospisil     89  Beta

1.Tino Marin         22  Beta
2.Ben Pospisil       87  Beta

1.Mark O'Neill       34  Honda

Sportsman B
1.Steve Mills        39  GasGas
2.Doug Harrish       51  Scorpa
3.Steve Richardson   DNF


Vintage A
1.Ben Pospisil       14  Honda
2.Tino Marin         16  Yamaha

Vintage B
1.Steve Richardson   22  Yamaha
2.Mark O'neill       25  Yamaha
3.Wyatt Pospisil     25  Yamaha
4.Harold Pospisil    DNF Honda
5.Doug Harrish       DNF Yamaha