Cactus Coulee Trial at Lethbridge, AB
Second Gear Club's trial on April 10th, 2011

Steve Foord was the expert winner at the Cactus Coulee Trial in Lethbridge, AB on April 10th. This year the boys and girls went European and used pin flags to mark out the trails, this made for for quick and easy setup, more interesting lines. And the fact there was not a tree in sight on this event site to tie a ribbon to, it made the trial extremely easy to setup!


1st  Stephen Foord        Calgary       Sherco  19pts
RTD  Shane Cutherbertson  Airdrie       Sherco

1st  Doug Doel            Airdrie       Ossa    21pts
2nd  Nick Riewe           Chestermere   GasGas  35pts
3rd  Rob Healy            Airdrie       GasGas  35pts

1st  Max Jones            Calgary       Sherco  12pts
2nd  Matt Coonfer         Chestermere   Sherco  29pts
3rd  BJ Lawson            Calgary       Sherco  37pts
RTD  Scott Coonfer        Chestermere   Sherco

1st  Alan Brands                        Scorpa   9pts
2nd  Allan Denis          Medicine Hat  GasGas  10pts
3rd  Rob Norton           Burgen        Sherco  13pts
4th  Andy Whaley          Medicine Hat  Scorpa  24pts
RTD  Lexi Pechout         Calgary       Sherco

1st  Ken Knight           Calgary       Sherco   7pts
RTD  Siggi Pechout        Calgary       Sherco

1st  Dave Sugden          Calgary       Yamaha  58pts