Alberta Trials Riders Association - Falun Trial, 11 July 2010.

from Dave Rhodes

The tire section at Falun
The tire section at Falun
The ATRA Trial at Falun Alberta on Sunday had a good rider turnout of around 30 for the various classes, with a strong entry in the junior class, bolstered by some new riders.

Clerk of the Course Roger Flinkman and his crew did an outstanding job plotting 13 challenging sections on the family farm in Central Alberta, with lots of natural terrain including steep banks, roots and cambers, plus the traditional man-made tire hazard.

This really is a prime Trials location and I was impressed by the amount of work that had been done cutting nice trails through the wooded hillsides. Nothing had been forgotten, with great parking and a deluxe biffy. Although I had to leave before the riders completed their second loop, there is no doubt that this trial will definitely be on my calendar for next year.

Full results are given below:


1. Andre Colpron    24
2. Peyman Pournabi  53
3. Lance Priemza    71
4. Zack Kallen     118

1. Ben Pospisil     15
2. Tony Fluet       62
3. Dale Franklin    65
4. Eric Erickson    70


1. Mike Palczak 8 2. David Tronnes 16 3. Hardy Hartwig 38 4. Ty Hartwig 53 Expert 1. Chris Tronnes 34 2. Jacek Jablonski 51 Vintage 1. Doug Harrish 2 2. Mark O'Neil 10 Sportsman 1. Ken Knight 13 2. Bruce Johnson 15 3. Chad Frederick 47 4. John Jensen 63 5. Bernard Lehman 67 Senior 1. Taff Parfitt 18 2. Harold Pospisil 19