Island Sports Trials Club - Dan Fisher Memorial Trial

December 6th, 2009

from Steve Fracy

A total of 30 riders braved the sunny, but very cool conditions today at the club ISTC club property on the West side of Shawnigan Lake. Considering the weather and the time of year, it was a very good turnout! The trial itself was re-named last year in honour of one of the original members who was a longtime supporter of the club, Dan Fisher. Dan died tragically last year in a boating accident.

The sections for the Junior/Intermediate classes were set by Steve and Matt Fracy and proved to be pretty tough and technical with high scores in all classes recorded. Nothing too dangerous, but very technical and in places, very slippery. The upper class sections were set by Will Duggan, and in fact with the same results!

In the Intermediate class, it was a tight battle all day between Matt Fracy and Steve Dardengo. They were within a point of each other going into the final lap, and only a good ride by Matt posting a 18pt final loop, gave him the win!

The vintage class saw 3 riders battle it out all day with the usual jabs, heckling, and hilarity! In the end Steve Fracy(sandbagging) came out on top, with Dave Bissenden placing second, and Hank ( just punch me the same score as Dave) Lovett, rounded out the top 3.

The senior Intermediate class was well attended and highly competitive as usual. Dave Fair found himself in unfamiliar territory down in 3rd. Sean Duhamel had a fine ride to take second place, and Kevin (tractionmaster) Couves took the well deserved win!

In the Senior Sportsman class, Dan Salmon finished 3rd while Dave Nunn and Guy Smeeth were neck and neck all day. Guy squeeking out the victory by a single point after a great last loop score of 13.

The Sportsman class only had 3 riders, and with one DNF it proved to be a tough day! It was heart warming for everyone there to have both of Dans sons in attendance and great to see them both compete. Aaron, the youngest of the two, finished second Sportsman which was very good after not competing for so long. First place Sportsman went to Dallan Salmon with a very good ride coming in with 85pts.

The Expert class once again saw the biggest entry with a total of 9 riders entered.Once again Ryon Bell was in a class of his own making the near impossible sections look so easy! But easily the best ride of the day was from Thomas Cordner who kept Ryon honest all day and going into the last loop was actually only 5pts behind Ryon. Ryon cranked it up the final lap to come in with a 5 loop too widen the gap. Will Duggan rounded out the top 3 in what was a pretty tough event all around.

It was so great to have all of the Fisher family in attendance for the event and to stay around for the awards on bitter windy cold day! Everyone who came out hopefully enjoyed themselves, and we know that Dan himself really preferred and excelled in these conditions, so it was only fitting how it turned out!

Much thanks to Will Dugqan and his family for helping with the sign up and score keeping duties. The next club event will be the Red Eye Trial which will follow the club banquet in 2010. The exact date is to be announced, but will take place end of February to beginning of March.


1st  Matt Fracy       Gas Gas  28 26 18 = 72pts
2nd  Steve Dardengo   Gas Gas  25 29 26 = 80pts
1st  Steve Fracy      Fantic    2  9  7 = 18pts
2nd  Dave Bissenden   Yamaha   17 15 23 = 55pts
3rd  Hank Lovett      Hondo    26 28 29 = 83pts

Senior Intermediate
1st  Kevin Couves     Sherco    19 19 14 = 52pts
2nd  Sean Duhamel     Gas Gas   18 18 27 = 63pts
3rd  Dave Fair        Gas Gas   23 23 35 = 81pts
4th  Pete Wilson      Gas Gas   34 31 27 = 92pts
5th  Andrew Graham    Gas Gas   40 36 32 = 108pts
DNF  Tor Bederson

1st  Dallan Salmon    Gas Gas   42 24 19 = 85pts
2nd  Aaron Fisher     Scorpa    35 35 32 = 102pts
DNF  Ryan Clarke

Senior Sportsman
1st  Guy Smeeth       Gas Gas    24 22 13 = 59pts
2nd  Dave Nunn        Gas Gas    21 20 19 = 60pts
3rd  Dan Salmon       Montesa    38 34 27 = 99pts
DNF  Paul Latter
DNF  Iain Walton
1st  Ryon Bell        Gas Gas     9 12  5 = 26pts
2nd  Thomas Cordner   Gas Gas    14 12 16 = 42pts
3rd  Will Duggan      Gas Gas    24 22 27 = 73pts
4th  Andrew Watson    Gas Gas    23 29 31 = 83pts
5th  Brad Fisher      Scorpa     32 28 34 = 94pts
6th  Derek Newton     Gas Gas    39 31 39 = 109pts
7th  Devon Dargis     Gas Gas    34 37 43 = 114pts
8th  Andy Motherwell  Gas Gas    41 45- 6 = 133pts
DNF  Dave Fracy