ATA Gwynne Trial, September 20, 2009
Jake Cook at section one
Jake Cook at section one (2nd loop)

from Dave Rhodes

The last ATRA Trial of the season took place on Sunday September 20th, at Gwynne Alberta. The weather was pretty much perfect for the 20 odd riders who attended to tackle 12 sections twice in the hilly ravine on Hardy Hartwig's property.

The first section proved to be the decider in the Expert Class, with winner Jake Cook (Beta) and Canadian champ Steve Foord (Sherco) taking fives on the steep dirt wall on the first loop. Jacek Jablonski (Beta) managed it with a dab, which really was a great ride.


1. Ben Pospisil      5 pts
2. Derek Nimmo       8 pts
3. Max Jones        23 pts
4. Peyman Pournabi  56 pts

1. Ty Hartwig        9 pts
2. Doug Nimmo       17 pts
3. Doug Macleod     35 pts
4. Emmer            42 pts
5. Tristan Hagstrom 58 pts
6. Dale Franklin    63 Pts

1. David Tronnes    47 pts
2. Hardy Hartwig    48 pts
3. Roger Flinkman   52 pts

1. Jake cook         7 pts
2. Stephen Foord    13 pts
3. Jacek Jablonski  31 pts

1. Jimmy Corkle

1. Doug Harrish       1 pt
2. Mark O'neil       14 pts
3. Rennie Laberqane  56 pts