Alberta Trials Riders Association - Gwynne Trial, 14 Sept 2014.

The weather was pretty much perfect the day of the event, and conditions were fantastic for riding at Gwynne. Jake Cook took the top win in expert, and we saw some really good riding by all. But the ride of the day went to Ben Pospisil for using the mirror on the old Lincoln for traction to rocket over the car on the first loop. That technique had the spectators in awe.

It was a really fun event with a very friendly atmosphere. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces, and a few new ones. Big thanks to the Ben, Roger, and the Hartwig family for the set-up of this event. Also thanks to all who assisted with teardown

1 Kji Klemmensen   Gasgas  34
2 Gabe Ibrahim     Scorpa  49 

1 Robert Trottier  Gasgas  26 (12 Cleans)
2 Rod Kemmensen    Gasgas  26 (10 Cleans)

1 Aaron Dobler     Beta    49
2 Roger Giesbrecht Beta    57
3 Dylan Sawyer     Beta    60
4 Ian Buttar       Gasgas  64

1 Taff Parfitt     Beta    33
2 Roger Flinkman   Gasgas  37
3 Mark O'Neil      Beta    51
4 Hardy Hartwig    Scorpa  52

1 Ty Hartwig       Scorpa  78
2 Wyatt Pospisil   Beta    86
3 Mitch Langell    Gasgas 100

1 Jake Cook        Beta    47
2 Ben Pospisil     Beta    51