Victoria Motorcycle Club
Hangover Trial. Feb 11th, 2007

We had an excellent day at the Hangover Trial. Thanks to all the volunteers for setting up the sections as well as sign up and the burgers. We had a total of 43 riders as well as many spectators at the event.

1st  Liam Malone        0
2nd  Katrina Walton     5
3rd  Chistine Malone   36

1st  Aaron Fischer      6
2nd  Jordan McFarlane  39
3rd  Patricia Cooper   46
4th  Ryan Edington     64
5th  Chris Rebineris   69
6th  Eric Harrop       74

Vintage B
1st  Mark Clement      14
2nd  Ian D?Argis       20

Vintage A
1st  Hank Lovett       21
2nd  Rob Beecroft      34 (more cleans)
3rd  Dave Bissenden    34

1st  Micheal Hartlaub  30
2nd  Eddy Cooper       34
3rd  Jamie Hassett     64
4th  Cole Smith        76
5th  Steve Dardengo    85
     Jessie Scott      DNF

SR. Intermediate
     Joe Dardengo      DNF

1st  Ian Cottier       12
2nd  Neil Cottier      18
3rd  Ben Hircock Jr.   26
4th  Geoff Eade        28
5th  Brad Fischer      30
6th  Thomas Cordner    31
7th  Doug Moore        40
8th  Jesse Curtis      61
9th  Andy Motherwell   47 (more cleans)]
10th John Lehman       47
11th Ryan White        84

Sr. Sportsman
1st  Dan Fischer       17
2nd  Jeff Stites       24
3rd  Phil Plasterer    25
4th  Jeff Wark         35
5th  Paul Latter       44
6th  Guy Smeeth        49

1st  Ryon Bell         19
2nd  Andrew Watson     58
3rd  Chris Duggan      65
4th  Mike White        92
5th  Ben Hircock Sr.