Trial on November 26 at Hantsport, Nova Scotia

Hantsport, NS on November 26

Report from Michael Traves

Photo from the trial at Hantsport, NS on Nov 27 What an awesome day! Thanks to everyone who came from near and far to make it such a great day. Rain stopped when we arrived and didn’t start again until we were done, the temperature was also perfect (9C) for a great day of trials.

Once again Kevin and his helpers put together an amazing loop of 8 sections with a great variety of challenges for everyone. Great to see a few new faces especially Adrian from APD – our NS Beta dealer - he has promised to practice up over the winter and join us again next year.

Also great to see Stephen the Canadian distributor for Beta – He wasn’t able to make a lot of our events this year but has obviously been keeping his riding skills sharp traveling the country.