ISTC Hillbilly Trial - Shawnigan Lake, BC
Report from Steve Fracy

A small but dedicated group of riders showed up to support the final ISTC trial of 2008. The future of trials will continue to hinge upon people attending not only to ride, but to volunteer their time to put the rides on! I really hope that in the new year we can start to make some strides forward in this area. It sure makes it a lot more fun for everyone.

Back to the trial. The weather was absolutely perfect and really we could not have asked for more in late November, with sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. I even saw some competitors riding in T-shirts!

There were five classes represented at the trial: Intermediate, Senior Intermediate, Sportsman, Senior Sportsman and Expert.

In the Intermediate class, Matt Fracy was the sole rider. But a great day was had as he rode with the three Senior Intermediate riders on the same line - and went head to head with them. Matt won the Intermediate class (humourously, "in a class of his own") and still edged the Senior Intermediate class winner by one point.

Sean Duhamel was the winner of the Senior Intermediates, with Pete Wilson and Brad Winchell rounding our that class.

The Sportsman class saw the return of Jon Lehman, who took the win over Jesse Curtis and Ryan White.

The highly competitive Senior Sportsman class saw Jeff Stites around for a rare, but always good, ride to take the win. He was followed closely by Guy Smeeth and Dave Nunn.

The expert class had a good turnout despite the absence of a few regulars. It was great to have Angus Dougan and Chris Duggan back again. Also, hats off to Devon Dargis for taking his very first ride in the expert class. He looked very comfortable and is no doubt quite ready to step up to Expert next year. Keep up the hard work Devon!

1st- Matt Fracy      22pts 

Senior Intermediate 
1st- Sean Duhamel    23pts 
2nd- Brad Winchell   30pts 
3rd- Pete Wilson     48pts 

1st- Jon Lehman      67pts 
2nd- Jesse Curtis   111pts 
3rd- Ryan White     114pts 

Seior Sportsman
1st- Jeff Stites     59pts 
2nd- Guy Smeeth      65pts 
3rd- Dave Nunn       68pts 
4th- Ian Walton      85pts 

1st- Will Duggan     19pts 
2nd- Chris Duggan    45pts 
3rd- Angus Dougan    51pts 
4th- Andy Motherwell 82pts 
5th- Devon Dargis    86pts