The Honda Centre Trial at Ioco, BC on May 27

The Honda Trial at Ioco, BC on May 27
The Honda Trial at Ioco, BC on May 27

Story from Don Doerkson

Photo by Jeff Green

A lovely sunny day greeted the riders at the Honda Centre Trial at Ioco, B.C. on May 27, 2018. Fifty-four riders showed up to ride sections that took very few points from some of the class winners, but took plenty from the rest of the entry.

Thomas Cordner came over from the Island to win the Expert class with only seven points over the 33 sections. Ted McDowall did even better losing only three points to win Senior 45. Brandon Schmit brought out the electric trials bike he has been building over the winter, and he showed the Advanced riders how to take the fewest points. Bob Clark had the low points for the day though, with zero points to win Sportsman handily. Russel Skiver topped the Intermediate class, and Dave Seifert took only five points to win Junior. Thanks to Ted and Peirce for some great sections, and thanks to The Honda Centre in Burnaby for their sponsorship.

Full results can be seen HERE.