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An Announcement from the Editor

I first started as an effort to put all the news and information about our sport into one place, hoping that it would have a beneficial effect on this sport of moto-trials. I've competed in trials at various stages of my life, for a total of close to thirty years. I got a lot of pleasure from the sport, and this website was my effort to put something back into it.

As editor of this online trials magazine since February, 2003, I've been noticing that many of the ideas we've been advocating seem to be coming to fruition. I'm thinking of the CMA's willingness to accept the MCC as a partner in the organization of our sport, and for the MCC to go ahead and take their part in this effort. Now that the MCC has taken on a considerable part of the funding for this year's Trials Des Nations team, it seems that these goals have been largely achieved.

My next birthday will mark the nineteenth anniversary of, and I'll be celebrating my eightieth - all in all a good time pull the plug. It's my understanding that the MCC has plans to create and administer a new Canadian trials website, so the need for will cease to exist.

It has been an enjoyable nineteen years; I've really enjoyed being in touch with so many trials folks across the country.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic last year, and the resulting reduction in trials acvtivities, I stopped billing for the advertising on It's been about two-and-a-half years since I did any invoicing - another indication that it might be time for me to retire from the website business!

I do believe that this website has a unique record of Canadian trials events over the past nineteen years - the results of just about every trial in Canada over that period of time are included on the site. So I plan to leave it online for a while, just in case anyone wants to refer to the information there. But I won't be adding any more news.

It's been fun - all the very best to everyone who has followed our little trials website over the years.

Bob Johns

CPTA's D-Day Tial at Ioco, BC on June 6, 2021
Seam Bird wins Expert class in a wet trial

Junior winner Sebastian Wandler
Junior winner Sebastian Wandler

Story by Don Doerksen
Photo by Dean Wandler

Trials are being held again!

June 6 2021 was a good day to remember a famous invasion and a good day to get wet at the CPTA's D-Day trial. Almost 50 riders showed up in spite of the rain and finally got to compete again. It was raining steadily at the start but settled down to a drizzle and a drip for the majority of the day. That did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm for the riding. All classes had lots of riders and there were a few people riding their first trial. Sean Bird was magic in Expert losing only 6 marks and Andrew deBoer took Advanced with 25 points. Carl Muller and Cam Collie won Snr 45 and Snr Int. while Skip Parker was the best in Sportsman. Sebastion Wandler borrowed a bike and snuck a win in the Junior class by 2 points.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Victoria Motorcycle Club - Annual Lohrmann Trial on October 25
Thomas Cordner wins Expert class at Cycle Park, Victoria

Sportsman winner Warren Foster
Sportsman winner Warren Foster

The Victoria club hosted its annual Lohrmann trial on Sunday, October 25 at the club's property - Cycle Park in Metchosin. The Expert winner was Thomas Cordner riding a Vertigo, with only eight marks lost. Full results are given HERE.

Canada Pacific Trials Association - Uhuru Trial, October 18
Alex Walton takes Expert win with only seven points lost
Matthew Glade at the Uhuru Trial
Matthew Glade at the Uhuru Trial

The Canada Pacific Trials Association hosted its annual Uhuru Trial at Ioco, BC on September 18. The winner of the expert class was Alex Walton (TRS) with a score of only seven after two loops of the course.

Shuswap Trial, BC on October 11 and 12
Stan Bakgaard takes first place Expert

Report and photos by Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Christian Zanders - third place Intermediate
Christian Zanders (Beta) - third place Intermediate, on Sunday

Well the first day of the Ross Rathbone "Pot-Luck" trial on Saturdau, October 10 went really well, with twenty-six entries. Fortunately the rain held off for most of the day, although it had definitely poured down overnight, making for some very slick logs. We had riders from Alberta and from the West coast, plus a good turn out from our interior group. We saw some brilliant riding from everyone, all glad to get back on their bikes after the long lay-off due to the Pandemic.

The weather on Sunday for day two of the trial was pretty much perfect. With the sections drying out, scores were a lot lower than day one, and everybody had a really good time. A huge thanks to Ross and his crew for hosting this event, and to Judy and Julie for looking after the score keeping. It was great to see a lot of familiar faces from both BC and Alberta during these strange times.

Expert winner Stan Bakgaard on Saturday
Expert winner Stan Bakgaard on Saturday

Maritime Trials Riders - Running totals for 2020 Championship

We've heard from Michael Traves, who tells us that, following the event at Miller Meadows on September 13 and 20, the 2020 Maritime championship running totals are available. Kevin Patterson is currently showing a clear lead. There are two one more events in the series - October 18 at Hillsborough, New Brunswick (cancelled due to COVID outbreak), and November 1 at Hantsport, Nova Scotia. With each competitor's lowest two scores being thrown out, the championship is still open! The current championship table can be seen HERE.

Victoria Motorcycle Club - Joe Brown Major Trial
Thomas Cordner wins Expert class on September 27

Photo from the Joe Brown Major Trial on September 27
Photo from the Joe Brown Major Trial on September 27 - photo credit Roger Boothroyd

The Victoria club's annual Joe Brown Major trial took place on September 27, at the club's property on Happy Valley Road. The expert class was won by Thomas Cordner, who lost only three points on each of the final two laps.

Full results can be seen HERE

Nova Scotia trial on July 26

The Maritime Trials Riders enjoyed another great trials adventure at the farm on Sunday, July 25. Witth six riders unable to compete for various reasons, there were eleven riders remaining in the trial.

It was wonderful that the forecasted rain never appeared but, given the heat and humidity (and a little hard riding), some of the competitors were dripping pretty well, even without the rain.

Here are the results:

Kevin Patterson 26
Owen Patterson  37
Patrick Goguen  53
Mike Forsythe   74

Jason Ramsey    48
Blake Davison   62
Ian Moffat      76
Steve Patterson 70+

David Messom    12
Marty Fogarty  DNS

Andrea Burry    65

Thomas Cordner wins Expert class at the Reg Shanks Trial, Victoria, BC

Dave Nunn at the Reg Shanks trial, Victoria on July 19, 2020
Dave Nunn at the Reg Shanks trial, Victoria on July 19, 2020.
Photo by Roger Boothroyd

Thomas Cordner just edged Andrew Watson for the win at the annual Reg Shanks trial at Victoria, BC on July 19.

Six classes were represented in the total entry of 26 riders. Competitors had to pre-register, and COVID-19 precations were in effect.

The results can be seen HERE.

A Note to Our Advertisers

For most of our advertisers, the annual payments for your ads on "" come due in May of each year. This year, with such little trials activity to report, we have decided to wait until there is a little more going on before we start billing for advertising on the site.

So, keep an eye open for reports of what is happening in Canadian trials, and we'll start billing again when there's more stuff for people to read here on Trials Canada. In the meantime, enjoy the free advertising!

There are a few things to report, though. See below for the latest activity in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Maritime Trials on June 14

We've heard from Michael Traves, with news of a double event in the Maritimes. With the New Brunswick border closed during the COVID outbreak, a novel solution was found, with a trial split between locations in each province - Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Here is Michael's report:

What an amazing day – despite being separated by a border closing we managed to have a combined event for everyone across 2 different venues. It was just so fantastic to be able to get out and see fellow riders and challenge ourselves on some fantastic sections set out by both Kevin and Patrick (and their helpers).

I combined our scores and they were really close! In the Advanced class 3 laps were ridden in NS and 2 in NB but no matter how you sliced them up the overall results didn’t change – Kevin pulled off another win. The intermediate class was super close I can’t wait until the border opens so we can go head to head – Congrats to Alexis for the win in this class. We had David M. and Andrea get the win in Novice and Beginner respectively – possibly the new Trials power couple J.

Trials businesses still in business!

Outlaw Dave's recent Facebook post

As you can see from the image of a recent Outlaw Dave post on Facebook (above), the folks supporting Canadian trials riders are still around during this Covid pandemic.

We have also heard from Beta Canada's Stephen Howland, with the following message:

We hope everyone is well, staying safe practising balance and slow riding skills. In this current period of restrictions throughout our country, we would like to make notice that Beta Canada is fully operational. If you are a BETA trials rider and need parts but are unable to reach your normal dealer, please get in touch with us directly. You can email us at for immediate service. We will put you in touch with the nearest dealer who is fully able to service your needs. Most dealers are open with restrictions or have reduced operating hours, a few are fully closed. It is possible to have your parts order drop shipped directly to you without additional charges.

If you are looking to purchase a bike we have trials models in stock and more on the way from Italy. The factory is currently closed to production however we have bikes available from the factory stock.

Thank you for your continued support, stay safe and please do not hesitate to contact us.

Team Beta Canada Trials

We'll be happy to publish messages from other importers, if requested.

Check some of the photos on our Facebook page

Steve Day at Ellerslie, AB in 1984
Steve Day at Ellerslie, AB in 1984

Check our Facebook page for some more old pictures from Alberta trials. Click for Trials Canada's Facebook page

TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 15
Alex Walton wins Expert class

Sean bird at the TYRS trial, Ioco, BC
Sean Bird clears the section!

Story: Don Doerksen
Photo: Jeff Green

The weather could not have been any better for the TRS trial at Ioco on March 15, 2020. Forty riders showed up to cool and sunny conditions that were just right. There was a bit of ice hiding in the shade but traction was very good.

The top two experts hardly put a foot down and Alex Walton got a four-point win, with a clean last loop. Todd Nordin topped Kylee Sweeten in Expert Support, and Ted McDowall took only two points all day to embarrass the rest of Senior45. Carl Muller just beat Melissa Andrist in Advanced.

Intermediates took a lot of dabs but Tim Wright came out on top there. Mike Hays must have glued his feet to the pegs in Senior Intermediate, while Brett Clark had a good ride in Sportsman. There was a wide range of scores in Junior; Adam Balazs was the runaway winner.

Les Blow Trial in Victoria on March 1, 2020
Thomas Cordner wins first Victoria event of the season

Picture from the 2020 Les Blow Trial in Victoria, BC
Picture from the 2020 Les Blow Trial in Victoria, BC
Report from Roger Boothroyd, Photo by Graham Turner

The start of the VMC trials championship and the first trial of the 2020 season, the Les Blow, was held at Cycle Park, property of the VMC on March 1, 2020. Clear and sunny, but still a cool breeze blowing, saw 41 riders signing up to erase their winter blues and challenge themselves in ten sections laid out in varying degrees of difficulty for the seven classes.

Full results can be seen HERE.

CPTA Trial at Ioco, BC on February 9, 2020
Alex Walton takes Expert win on a sunny day

A crisp, clear day was the setting for the Beta Canada trial on February 9, 2020 at Ioco, BC. The cool but dry weather made for a very enjoyable day after a week of rain. Thirty seven riders came out of winter hibernation to ride three short loops of ten sections each.

Alex Walton led the Experts, and the Expert-Support class jumped back into existence to be won by Todd Nordin. Carl Muller was best in Advanced, and Don Doerksen was close behind to win Senior 45. Brian Dye was the clear winner in Intermediate, while Mike Hays came over from the Island to lead Senior Intermediate.

CPTA thanks Beta Canada for their support. The next CPTA next trial is March 15th.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Dates announced for WTC National Championship (East and West) in 2020

WTC Logo

World Trials Canada has announced the dates of all the national rounds for 2020.

The dates for the first two rounds of the Eastern Championships will be on May 30 and 31, at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec. Rounds three and four will take place on July 19 and 20, at Deschambault, Quebec. Yvan Belanger is the man to contact regarding these four rounds.

The National Championship round in Western Canada in 2020 will take place on Sunday, May 17, 2019 at Scotch Creek, BC. The trial will be held in conjunction with the popular Outlaw Trial, and will include a Champ class. Clerk of the Course will be Ross Rathbone.

Rick Wells Trial, Victoria, BC on December 1st
Thomas Cordner wins the Expert class on a cool day

Phot from the Rick Wells Trial 2019
Rick Wells Trial, Victoria, BC on December 1, 2019

From Roger Boothroyd

It was cool and cloudy for the Victoria Motorcycle Club's annual Rick Wells Trial at Cycle Park on December 1st - the last trials event of the 2019 season. There was a slight decrease in the usual entries as twenty-nine riders signed up to ride in nine classes. Upon arrival riders were greeted to a small fire to keep warm while they attended the riders' meeting. It was then off for three loops of ten sections each, for each of the various classes.

The winner of the Expert class was Thomas Cordner, with a total of twenty points for the day.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Memorial Trial, Ioco, BC on November 17, 2019
Sean Bird Expert winner by just one point

2019 Memorial Trial, Ioco, BC

Report from Don Doerksen
Photo by Jeff Green

The 34th Memorial Trial, sponsored by Mountain Motorcycle and organized by the Canada Pacific Trials Association, occurred on a wet and slippery November 17th, 2019 at Ioco, B.C.

With rain the day before and a steady rain on the day, the land was in prime trials condition. Twenty nine riders showed up to tackle sections that seemed to get worse on the second loop and then a little better for the third. Of course, the rain stopped after we were finished riding. Jacek from Red Deer gets the long distance award, but a number of Island riders showed up also.

Sean Bird squeaked a win by one point in the Expert class and Cam Collie dragged out an old Montesa 315 to win the Advanced. Ted McDowall was back on form in Senior Advanced, and Greg Down won the Intermediate. Senior Intermediate winner was Bob Clark with a perfect third loop score, while Michael Pullen was the sole finisher in Sportsman.

Our thanks to Mountain Motorcycle for the sponsorship. Remember to put Boxing Day on your calendar so you can work off that Christmas pudding!

Maritime Trials Final Standings for 2019
Kevin Patterson wins Event 6, and the Championship

With the completion of the sixth and final event of the year in the Maritimes, the final tallies for the year have been compiled.

Using the WTC points system (30 points for a win, 25 for second, 21 for third, 18 for fourth, etc.), and with the worst two performances by each competitor thrown out, the final placements are published HERE.

The number of competitors in the Maritime series again showed an increase over the previous year. It's great to see a steady growth in the sport in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Uhuru Trial at Ioco, BC on October 27, 2019
Sean Bird top Expert on crisp and sunny day

It was a crisp and sunny fall day for the Uhuru Trial at Ioco, B.C. on October 27, 2019. Moto Trials West sponsored the trial and 44 riders showed up to enjoy the sunshine and the perfect conditions. There were three loops of ten sections for the Juniors and Intermediates, with three loops of eleven sections for the Advanced and Expert classes.

Sean Bird had a clean third loop, to take a solid Expert win. Dave Nunn and Melissa Andrist visited from the Island to clearly win Senior 45 and Advanced, respectively. Cam Collie was shepherding friends and relatives in Intermediate, and only lost five points all day. Bob Clark took Senior Intermediate with seven points, and Derrick Lucas won the junior with just a few points over Bill Thompson.

For the full results, click HERE.

CMA National Rounds, Victoria, BC on October 19 & 20, 2019
Alex Walton takes 2019 CMA title in Champ class

A good entry spent the weekend at the Victoria Motorcycle Club's property on October 19 & 20 for the 2019 CMA National trials.

The overall winner of the Champ class was Alex Walton, who was the winner on Day One, and second on Day Two. Brandon Volk placed second on Day One, with the win on Day Two. The tie was broken using the "total cleans" rule, where Walton came out on top with 40 cleans, against Volk's 36 cleans.

The complete results for all classes can be seen HERE.

WTC National Championship (East), Morin Heights, Quebec. 14 & 15 September
Five-time champ Michel Belanger takes 2019 National Championship (East)

Thirty-five riders competed on the Sunday at the WTC National Championship (East) at Morin Heights, Quebec on September 15. There was also a good entry on Saturday for round one of the eastern national championship.

The national champions in the Champ class for 2019 are: Sam King (West) and Michel Belanger (East).

Michel Fortin Belanger won both events on September 14 and 15 to win the WTC's Canadian Championship (East) for the fifth time.

The results can be seen HERE for day one, and HERE for day two.

Fall Classic Trial at Ioco, BC on October 6

Sean Bird - Ossa
Sean Bird (Ossa) - photo by Jeff Green

Story from Don Doerksen

The Fall Classic Trial, sponsored by The Honda Centre, took place at Ioco, BC on October 6, 2019. It was a great day to drag out an old (or new) bike, to play in the sunshine. There were eleven sections which were set-up with some bonus lines, where it was possiblr to recoup some of your losses.

Eleven riders signed up for the Classic A class, with a good variety of old iron on show. Sean Bird almost aced the A class with only 3 points at the end of the day. Skip Parker took Senior Intermediate and Josec Reschreiter impressed in the Intermediate class; Starla Smeeth cruised in Sportsman. There was an Exhibition class for those that just wanted to play, and Sawyer Collie was the best there. Dean Wandler won a ham for best vintage costume (seriously - a 20 year-old Hebo suit that still fits?)

It was a great day and our thanks to Guy Smeeth and the Honda Centre.

The Peter Brown and Adrian Brown Memorial Trials
Magna Bay, BC on October 5 and 6

Shane Bridden at Magna Bay
Shane Bridden at Magna Bay - Photo by Andrew James

Story from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

So that’s a wrap for WTC Competition season in BC for this year - and what a way to finish. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the sections set up at the Martin & Julie property in the Shuswap were brilliant.

The Pete Brown Memorial Trial took place on Saturday, followed by the Ady Brown event on Sunday. Over 40 riders in total for the weekend, with a few who showed up just to watch and donate to the cause, which raised approx $1,000.00 for the Cancer Fund.

A huge vote of thanks to everyone who attended, and especially Martin & Julie, who hosted the event for the first time at their property. They also provided food and a bed for the old guy (Outlaw Dave), which was much appreciated.

We saw some great riding both days with some surprises; Shane Bridden (TRS) was on fire on Saturday, taking the Advanced win. Colten Morrison upset Stan Bakgaard in the Expert, winning his first event on the new-to-him factory Beta. Young Jeremy Bonnefoy got a lot of applause for his riding on the new Beta Evo 80 Junior; he was joined in the kids' class on Sunday by the young Dunbar lads riding their first trial. Although the Dunbar lads are shown as DNF, they did finish, but didn't hand in their score cards. As you can see by the scores (once again done up by Julie & Judy - all very professional), a lot of riders did really well, and everybody had fun. Chris from Kelowna even had a clean loop on Saturday.

Pete Brown Memorial Trial 2019
Junior A
1  Jeremie Bonnefoy   39

Junior B
1  Christian Zanders  20
2  Andrew Vipond      26
3  Roly Thibault     106
   Roger Tessier     DNF

1  Shane Bridden      36
2  Ross Rathbone      49
3  Andrew James       52
   Jake Wideman      DNF

1  Kolten Morrison    45
2  Stan Bakgaard      48

1  Kris Kinjerski     12
2  Dean Seaman        16
3  Jason Munns        23
4  Dale Lewis         34
5  Chris Hrabb        45
6  Russel Nelson      46
7  Leigh Stocks       48
8  Martin Lucas       52
9  Ty Morrison        54
10 Chris Briggs       58
11 Olivier Bonnefoy   79
12 Dominique Doyon    85
   Kevin Lutz        DNF
   Ben Lutz          DNF

Adrian Brown Memorial Trial 2019
Junior A
1  Jeremie Bonnefoy   32
   Kaydn Dunbar      DNF
   Bryce Dunbar      DNF

Junior B
1  Andrew Vipond      11
   Roly Thibault     DNF

1  Ross Rathbone      25
2  Shane Bridden      32
3  Andrew James       46
4  Jason Munns        74

1  Stan Bakgaard      31
2  Kolten Morrison    50

1  Dean Seaman         9
2  Marcus Buhrig      19
3  Dale Lewis         21
4  Russel Nelson      22
5  Ty Morrison        33
6  Leigh Stocks       35
7  Olivier Bonnefoy   46
8  Martin Lucas       48
9  Christian Zanders  62
10 Chris Briggs       63
11 Dominique Doyon    63


Lohrmann Trial at Victoria on September 22, 2019
Thomas Cordner victorious in expert class

Rick Whiting from Nanaino at the Lohrmann trial
Rick Whiting from Nanaino at the Lohrmann trial (Dale Coull photo)

Rain on the day of the event made for some slippery sections, but it started to dry up during the day. Held September 22nd at Cycle Park, the Victoria Motorcycle Club’s property on Happy Valley Road, thirty riders signed up to compete in this annual event.

Thomas Cordner was top expert, with a single-point victory over Ryon Bell.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Iron Mountain Trial at Mission, BC on September 15, 2019

Report from don Doerksen

The Iron Mountain Trial took place in Mission, B.C. on September 15, 2019. The ground was quite dry and there was no water when the sections were set-up. But it rained a bit during the week, then it rained a lot on Saturday. It was not raining for the rider's meeting, but then it would rain a bit, slow down a bit, pour for awhile and then just rain. A lot of the scores got worse as the day went on, as some of the dirt turned into quagmire. On the bright side, it was reasonably warm and the sections had some interesting variety. Of course, the sun came out after the awards and sunglasses were needed on the way home!

Starla Smeeth took the Sportman class by a few points, while Ian Carlson easily won Intermediate. Bob Clark was the best in Senior Intermediate and Dave Nunn was the class of the Senior Advanced. The Advanced class results were very tight with Cam Collie winning on most "ones" after tying with Roy Anderson on points and cleans. Alex Walton's scores got worse on the last lap but he finally got up the rock in section three to win the Expert class.

The organizers thank the District of Mission for the use of the Mission Tree Farm land, and thanks to all the hardy souls that showed up to prove that you can go out and play in the rain!

Ymir Outlaw Trial at Ymir, BC on August 31 - Sept 1
Stan Bakgaard takes Expert win

1956 Ariel HT5 at the Ymir Outlaw Trial
1956 Ariel HT5 at the Ymir Outlaw Vintage Trial

Report from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

The general opinion around the campsite at Ymir was that this event was absolutely awesome. There was no doubt that the organizers, Jay Colley and Pete Bustin, knew how to put on a first class event. But most people were overwhelmed not only with the sections, but also by the professional way that the sign-in and the riders' meeting were handled. The Score crew was once again fantastic, aided by the large rider boards provided by Judy Rathbone. The whole weekend was, in fact, not just a great finale to the 2019 Outlaw series, but it was perhaps a sign of a new beginning, with plenty of riders from South of the border; this really added to the vintage event on Saturday.

Results (1st 3 in each class)
Sunday - Round #4 Outlaw Series
1 Stan Bakgaard     Yale          BC  Scorpa   47
2 Steve Day         Mission       BC  Vertigo  48
3 Jacek Jablonsksy  Red Deer      AB  Mont     61

1 Bryron New        Calgary       AB  Scorpa   34
2 Trent  Burgiss    NZ                Scorpa   37
3 Brian McNeal      Vancouver     BC  Mont     38

Senior Advanced
1 Gord Rinke        Okitoks       AB  TRS       9
2 Ross RAthbone     Scotch Creek  BC  Beta     39
3 Jay Colley        Ymir          BC  Mont     42

1 Olivier Jablonski Red Deer      AB  Mont     12
2 Justin Surina     Nelson        BC  GG       21
3 Ty Morrison       Scotch Creek  BC  Beta     29

1 Todd Stanly                                   2
2 Paul Foran                                   16
3 Andrew Vipond     Vernon        BC  TRS      18

1 Dean Seamam       Sorrento      BC  Beta      8
2 Taff Parfitt      Sherwood Park AB  Beta     13
3 Matt Parsins      USA               Bultaco  16

Rounds 7 and 8 of the Quebec championship, August 17th - 18th at Westbury
Hugo Piché wins Advanced on Saturday, Jean-Phillipe Fortin on Sunday

The full results of the Quebec trials on Saturday and Sunday, August 17 and 18, can be seen HERE, and HERE.

2019 Cow Patty Trial at Rocky Mountain House, AB. August 3 - 5
Sunday's trial was Round Three of the Outlaw Series

Day one expert winner Steve Doel at the Alberta Trials Riders Accociation annual Cow Patty Trial on August 3 - 5, 2019 at Rocky Mountain House, AB
Day one expert winner Steve Doel

Story and Pic's from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Well it turned out to be another epic weekend at Rocky Mountain House. The weather was just about perfect for the WTC ATRA Trial at the Bernie Schoderus farm. The club is really fortunate in having the use of this property, which could be referred to as a "Trials Heaven".

Outlaw Dave says that he has attended this great venue for many years; it features a lush valley, a creek, and a wonderful camping area. The rider turn-out was really good, and the camp area was filled with trailers and tents. The riders came from all over - many from BC, plus Dennis Brumwell from Yellowknife, NWT (his drive is 17 hours!)

This was Round number three of the 2019 Outlaw series, with the Sunday Trial counting for the Outlaw points. Round four will take place at another beautiful spot, at Ymir, BC, on the September long weekend.

It was really nice to see so many old friends, including Neil Ward (out for the first time in over a decade). Steve Doel showed up for the Saturday trial, having an unexpected weekend off from his work up North - he took the Expert Class on Day #1 on his Outlaw Beta. In fact, all the classes on Saturday were won by Beta riders.

A new feature at this event was the big cook-out on Saturday night. Ross Rathbone started this a few years ago at the annual Scotch Creek Outlaw Trial, and he was on hand to help the local cooks. Thanks to the Pospisil family and Taff for acting as Chefs - it really was amazing.

This event really was so good, and it had so many stories. Check Outlaw Dave's blog and his Facebook page for more pictures and info.

The full results are given HERE

Maritime News - New Brunswick trial on Sunday, July 28
Kevin Patterson takes first place in Advanced class

This year's trial number three in the Maritimes was at Memramcook, NB, on Sunday, July 28.

The winner of the Advanced class, and overall winner of the trial, was Kevin Patterson, with 72 points.

Maritime trials still scheduled include the Drive to Ride Trial, which will be Event number five, on September 15th at Miller Meadow.

It's undecided where event number six (last event of the year) will be at, but it's always fun to have at least one in the snow!

Nova Scotia Trial on June 16
Kevin Patterson takes Advanced win

The Maritime Trials Riders hosted an event on Sunday, June 9 at Focs'le Farm, in Nova Scotia.

Michael Traves has contacted us with the results from Event No 2. The sections were rather tough, but he promises something a little easier next time!

The results are given below:
Scores fron June 16 in Nova Scotia

2019 Super Stars Trial at Ioco, BC on June 8 and 9
Alex Walton winner in Champ Class on both days

Leon bustin at the Superstars Trial
Leon bustin at the Superstars Trial
Pic by Dale Coull

The Canada Pacific Trials Association hosted the annual Super Stars on June 8 and 9.

The Champ class winner on both days was Alex Walton. The full results for day one are given HERE, and the results for day two are HERE.

Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials event on June 9 at Creemore, ON
Tyler Mumford wins Modern A, Kevin Cronin takes Vintage A

Southwestern Ontario Classic Trial Logo

The Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group hosted an event on June 9 at Creemore, ON. Tyler Mumford won the Modern A class, while Kevin Cronin took Vintage A

For full results, please click HERE.

Kevin Cordy wins Expert class at the Steel City Riders trial on June 9, 2019

Steel City Riders logo

The Steel City Riders hosted a trial on June 9, 2019 at Oshweken, Ontario. The expert winner was Kevin Cordy; for the full results, please HERE.

Joe Brown Trial, June 2, 2019, at Victoria Motorcycle Club
Thomas Cordner wins Champ class with just 13 points

Expert inner Andrew Watson
Expert winner Andrew Watson - photo by Loren Olsen

Blue skies and warm weather was the order of the day as thirty-three riders signed up to compete in the annual Joe Brown Major Trial at Cycle Park, the Victoria Motorcycle Club’s property on Happy Valley Road, in Metchosin. A two kilometre loop with ten sections laid out was ridden three times.

For the complete results, please CLICK HERE.

Honda Centre Trial at Squamish, BC on Sunday, May 26
Sean Bird takes Expert win

Story from Don Doerksen

After a couple of rainy days, May 26, 2019 dawned sunny and warm, as 49 riders showed up in Squamish, BC for the Honda Centre Trial. The ground was just damp enough to keep down the dust and conditions were great. It was either the sunshine or the locale that brought some of the local riders out to try something different than their usual trail riding.

The warm conditions were a bit of a surprise and a number of riders failed to finish because of fatigue related to the heat. Those that soldiered on found an interesting and challenging trial that seemed to be just right for section difficulty. Some of the downhills on the trail could have had signs for a mandatory brake check, though! The views were worth the drive - but what goes up must come down...

Sean Bird won the Expert class, while a few of the other experts DNF'ed. Brian McNeal just squeaked the Advanced class on cleans, and Ted McDowall just flat forgot to put his feet down in Senior Advanced. Jake Loebe took only eleven points from thirty sections in Intermdiate, and Bob Clark just bettered that with ten points in Senior Intermediate. Sportsman went to Erin Evans, as her scores got better each loop. Pat Argue was the sole Junior rider.

Thanks to the members of the 99 Trials Club who organized this great event, and thanks to the Honda Centre for their sponsorship.

Sam King is WTC's 2019 National Champion (West)
Blockbuster weekend of trials at Scotch Creek, BC on May 18 to 20

Vintage winner Don Doerksen at Scotch Creek
Vintage winner Don Doerksen at Scotch Creek

The WTC National Championship (West) was held on Day Two of the great BC weekend of trials at Scotch Creek. The weekend also included the annual Outlaw Trial and the Outlaw Vintage Trial. Not too many points were taken by the top experts at the National Championship event, with the 42 competitors all having a great time, with lots of stories and smiles at the finish.

Here are the results for the top three in each class of the National Championship event:

1 Starla Smeeth     GG     Surrrey      BC     0
2 Andrew Vipond     GG     Vernon       BC     1 
3 Oscar Usher       Beta   Nelson       BC     8

1 Lee Usher        Beta    Nelson       BC    18
2 Richard Oullete  Scorpa  Calgary      AB    20
3 Max Lang         TRS     Vernon       BC    33

1  Bob Clark       TRS     Coquitlam    BC     6
2  Marcus Buhrig   Beta    Blind Bay    BC    11
3 Craig  Parfitt   Beta    Edmonton     AB    17

1 Brian McNeal     Mont    Vancouver    BC     9
2 Wyatt Pospisal   Beta    Edmonton     AB    17
3 Jake Wideman     Beta    Scotch Creek BC    29

Senior Advanced
1 Ross Rathbone    Beta    Magna Bay    BC     9
2 Guy Smeeth       GG      Surrey       BC    12
3 Carl Muller      Beta    Surrey       BC    21

1 Sam King         GG      Golden       BC     4
2 Sean Bird        Scorpa  Vancouver    BC     6
3 Steve Day        Vertigo Mission      BC    24

Sam King wins Outlaw Trial (2nd trial of 2019 Outlaw Series) on Saturday, May 18
Day one of the great weekend of trials at Scotch Creek, BC

The weather for the 2019 Outlaw Trial at Scotch Creek was a bit damp to start the day, but the 41 riders didn't seem to mind as they tackled the sections that Ross Rathbone and his crew had laid out. The new campground and private land that the trial was able to use (thanks to Dan & Helena Roane) have proven to be very popular, with easy access to the camping and to a lot of the sections. Of course, as is the Outlaw tradition, the riders go on a loop up the mountain, over the top past Cougar bluff, before heading back to camp and starting loop number two.

The weather continued to improve, and everybody came back with big smiles at the end of the day. Unfortunately, Edmonton's Harold Pospisal had a fall while out for a ride on Friday, so he was unable to ride. But there were riders from the West Coast and from Alberta, plus one long-distance hero from Yellowknife, NWT.

Results (top three in each class):

1 Leigh Mackay      Sherco  Kamloops      BC 12
2 Dennis Brumwell   Mont    Yellowknife   NT 12  (tie break)
3 Starla Smeeth     GG      Surrey        BC 14

1 Max Lang          TRS     Lumby         BC 50
2 Russ Nelson       Beta    Celista       BC 63
3 Josef Reschreiter TRS     Vancouver     BC 65

1 Bob Clark         TRS     Coquitlam     BC  5
2 Marcus Buhrig     Beta    Blind Bay     BC 16
3 Taff Parfitt      Beta    Sherwood Park AB 22

1 Brian McNeal      Mont    Vancouver     BC 34
2 Wyatt Pospisil    Beta    Edmonton      AB 35
3 Jake Wideman      Beta    Scotch Creek  BC 44

Senior Advanced
1 Ross Rathbone     Beta    Magna Bay     BC 22
2 Guy Smeeth        GG      Surrey        BC 26

1 Sam King          GG      Golden        BC   7
2 Sean Bird         Scorpa  Vancouver     BC  12
3 Pierce McNeal                               22

Don Doerksen wins Outlaw Vintage Trial on Monday, May 20 at Scotch Creek, BC

The results of the 2019 Outlaw Vintage event are:

Class A
1 Don Doerksen    Trixie  Mission      BC   11
2 Guy Smeeth      Yam     Surrey       BC   12
3 Brian McNeal    Trixie  Vancouver    BC   23
4 Bob Clark       SWM     Coquitlam    BC   31
5 Mike Crumly     Ossa                 Sask 43

Class B
1 Dale Coull      Kaw     Mission      BC   15
2 Walter Cukavac  Fantic  Spruce Grove AB   23

May 5 at Hantsport, NS. First Maritime Trials Riders event of the season.
Owen Patterson wins Advanced, Ron Golden edges Kevin Patterson for 2nd

What an absolutely amazing day! A huge thanks to Kevin and his helpers.

There were sixteen riders in total, with perfect weather, no bugs, and a great mix of sections with demonstrator bikes to try out; it was any trials rider's dream day.

Here are the scores:

Owen Patterson	18
Ron Golden	34
Kevin Patterson	35
Mike Forsythe	43
Patrick Goguen 	52
Stephen Howland	53

Joel Irving	13
Barry Josey	18
Blake Davison	29
Steve Patterson	44
Adam Cruickshank45
Michael Traves	52
Kelvin Day	DNF

David Mason	4
Marc Cunningham	7
Terry Wilkins	16

Dominique GoguenDNS

First trial of 2019 Outlaw Series at Ioco, BC, on April 28
Alex Walton wins CPTA's Squid Trial for Outlaw lead

Expert winner Alex Walton tops six feet of vertical
Expert winner Alex Walton tops six feet of vertical

Story from Don Doerksen
Photo from Jeff Green

Sunday April 28, 2019 was a good day to be at Ioco, BC for the Squid Trial, sponsored by Outlaw Accessories. This was the first trial in the Outlaw series held each year in BC and Alberta. The weather was perfect (cool at first, but sunny) and the rocks were mostly dry.

Sean Bird laid out very good sections for the Expert and Advanced line which seemed to take just the right amount of points. Alex Walton was the runaway winner in Expert with CPTA club secretary Andrew Allen showing how to ride Advanced. Todd Nordin had a great ride to lead Senior 45 by a healthy margin. Ron Walsh setup the Intermediate and Junior sections with a longer than usual trail ride. The emphasis was on safe and simple sections with just a bit of challenge. The scores looked very reasonable to go with that theme. Bob Clark Just took a few points to win Senior Intermediae, with his brother Brett being the one to beat in Sportsman. Brian Dye led Intermediate all the way and Dave Siefert did not put a foot down all day in Junior.

Spring Classic Trial in BC on April 7th.
Classic bikes featured in Ioco trial

From Don Doerksen

A very nice spring day greeted the riders who came to the 2019 Spring Classic trial on April 7th.

The event was hosted by the CPTA at Ioco and sponsored by Beta Canada. Dave Craig put out 14 sections to be ridden twice. Section difficulty was eased because of rain the previous day and it made for an excellent day to potter around on an old bike.

Bob Todosychuk cleaned the first loop and then took a couple of errant dabs on the second, to win Classic A. Guy Smeeth cleaned the second loop after fixing the problem with the airbox that was shredding the rear tire off of his TY175. He placed 3rd with Bob Clark just beating him on cleans. Classic B looked close with Greg Patrick and Dave Bloxham tied after the first loop. Cleans decided the win in Senior Intermediate as Roy Anderson narrowly beat Ted Blow. Ian Carlson only dropped five points to win Intermediate, while Brett Clark and Michael Pullen won their classes as the only entrants.

Thanks to Dave Craig for a good day's ride, and thanks to Beta Canada for the Sponsorship.

PNTA Trial in Victoria on April 13 & 14
Ryon Bell wins Champ on Day 1, Thomas Cordner on Day 2

Thomas Cordner on a section near the parking lot
Thomas Cordner on a section near the parking lot

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted a two day Pacific Northwest Trials Association trial at Cycle Park, the club’s property on Happy Valley Road, on April 13th and 14th. Twenty-five riders signed up the first day to ride in the rain, wind and cold. Ten checks ridden in three separate loops, were laid out with varying degrees of difficulty for the six classes of riders. With the horrible weather, there was only one DNF on the first day.

On the second day, twenty-nine riders signed up to ride ten completely different checks laid out by the enthusiast committee in the same areas as day one. The weather had also softened although there were light showers.

The full results for both days can be seen HERE.

Maritime Riders Announce 2019 Season

The Maritime Trials Riders have announced the proposed schedule for events in 2019. Here are the dates:

May 5         Hantsport, NS
May 26        A group of Maritime Riders will compete at Rivier-Du-Loupe, Quebec
June 16       Falmouth, NS
July          Beaumont, NB
September 15  NSORRA Drive to Ride - Miller Meadow, NS
October 13    To be determined

Victoria Motorcycle Club's Reg Shanks Trial on March 24

Originally known as the Novice Trial, this event was changed in 1979 to honour Reg Shanks, who was considered one of the "fathers" of the club, and to reflect the increase in classes. A new perpetual trophy was made using a keeper trophy that belonged to Reg's brother, Bob Shanks.

A record number (in recent years) of 47 riders showed up at the club's property (Cycle Park) on Happy Valley Road to compete in the various classes. Visitors from Nanaimo and Salt Spring Island were on hand to compliment the entry. The weather was cool until the sun shone, so it was a perfect day for the event.

Ryon Bell won the Expert class with just three points lost. The full results are given HERE.

CPTA's TRS Trial at Ioco, BC on March 17,2019

Steve Day at the 2019 TRS Trial
Steve Day at the 2019 TRS Trial

Story from Don Doerksen
Photo from Jeff Green

A warm and sunny March 17, 2019 greeted Ioco, BC, as the CPTA put on the fourth annual TRS trial. TRS Motorcycles Canada sponsored the event. The 23 riders that showed up to ride enjoyed almost perfect conditions. After the ice and snow of the February trial, this was spring coming four days early.

It looks like it was a long and challenging event for the Intermediate classes, who finished later then the Advanced and Expert classes; it is usually the other way around. Alex Walton easily won Expert and Ted McDowall did the same in Senior 45. Cam Collie held off Sawyer in Advanced, while Bob Clark was the runaway winner in Seniorr Intermediate, and Dave Bloxham dragged out the Majesty to take the top spot in Sportsman.

Thanks from the club to Ted McDowall and Skip Parker for their hard work, and to TRS for the sponsorship.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Victoria Motorcycle Club's Les Blow Trial on March 3, 2019
Thomas Cordner takes first in the Expert category

Picture from the 2019 Les Blow trial
A picture from the 2019 Les Blow trial

Postponed from an earlier date due to snow, the Les Blow Trial was held in glorious sunshine but cool weather at the Club's property on Happy Valley Road. Thirty-six riders plus four small-wheel riders signed up to "enjoy the day." Ten sections with varying degrees of difficulty were laid out for the eight classes of riders from Beginner to Expert.

Thomas Cordner took first place among the experts at the trial.

The full results can be seen HERE.

Trials Demo's at the Nova Scotia Bike Show in Halifax

The Maritime Trials Riders put on three days of indoor trials demo's at the Halifax Motorcycle Show last weekend (March 1,2 & 3). On Sunday Kevin, Owen, Kelvin, Shereef and Michael rode for the 12:00 show, with Patrick and Brett joining in the fun for the 4:00 PM show.

A big thanks to Beta Canada for bringing out two demo bikes; there seems to be plenty of people "thinking about getting a bike", we hope to see some pull the trigger and see some new faces this season.

ATAQ's first trial of the year in Quebec on May 12 & 13 at Riviere du Loup
Nova Scotia riders to visit Quebec for the trial

The first round of the WTC-sanctioned Quebec moto-trials championship will take place at Riviere du Loup, Quebec on May 12 and 13.

Stephen Howland of Beta Canada will be hauling bikes there from Nova Scotia, and will transport bikes for Nova Scotia competitors in the trial.

We're looking forward to hearing about the event...

CPTA Beta Trial at Ioco, BC on Feb 10, 2019

Skip Parker takes a dab in the snow
Skip Parker takes a dab in the snow

Story from Don Doerksen
Picture by Jeff Green

The Beta Trial took place on February 10, 2019 at Ioco, BC. Twenty-five people were hardy enough (or sufficiently desperate) to ride in the sub-zero temperatures. The ground that is usually wet was frozen, so it was like riding on ice in a lot of places. The saving grace was that the rocks still had grip. But that grip disappeared on the thirrd loop, when it started to snow and scores skyrocketed. It was time to get back to the pits and get into the pulled pork and beef that Steve Kemp had over the charcoals.

Alex Walton won the Expert class handily, and Jason Miller topped the Advanced contingent in a tighter contest. Ted McDowall took Senior 45, while Brent Anctil was the first winner in the new Senior Intermediate class. Steve Kemp was the only Junior and he finished with a pretty low score.

2018: Trials Recognized as Outlaw Dave inducted into Hall of Fame

Steve Crevier and Dave Rhodes at the Motorcycling Hall of Fame induction
Steve Crevier and Dave Rhodes at the Motorcycling Hall of Fame induction

2018 has been an interesting year for trials, with increasing interest in the sport in the Maritimes, and greater numbers in Ontario with the popularity of the Southwestern Ontario Classic Trials Group, and with the Sleeping Giant group in Northern Ontario.

There have been challenges in some parts of the country, but a good shot in the arm has been the recognition of long-time "Mr Trials" - Outlaw Dave Rhodes. The photo shows Dave at the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies chatting to Steve Crevier. I was lucky enough to see Steve Crevier racing when he was mounted aboard the fabulous Honda RC51 V-twin racing machine - it was a wonderful combination of man and machine.

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