ISTC Insurance Trial. March 4th, 2007 at Shawnigan Lake, BC
From Cindy Lehman

It was another great day at the ISTC Property at Shawnigan Lake. We had 26 riders out for the event along with a number of spectators, who are always welcome - and great to see! I was told the boys put on a good event for everyone to ride. We had some new members join today but there is always time to join.

Next event will be the Joe Brown Trial part of the Outlaw Series. This will be at the ISTC Property on April 14th & 15th. Steve Fracy is the contact person for this event.

Don't forget to check the ISTC website for the update to the club standings.

The results For the Insurance trial are as follows

                Pos  Pts  Cleans
Patricia Cooper 1st   13  22
Pat Little      2nd  120   0 
Tyle Irwin      1st   90   3
Aaron Fisher    1st   45   5 
Cole Smith      2nd   63   7 
Brad Winchell   1st   67   3 
Mike Hartlaub   2nd   82   2 
Eddie Cooper    3rd   99   3 
Sr. Intermediate
Kurt Irwin      1st   54   8
Mark Curtis     2nd   92   1
Jon Lehman      1st   35  12
Brad Fisher     2nd   43  13
Thomas Cordner  3rd   49  7c
Sr Sportsman
Phil Plasterer  1st   29  15 
Dan Fisher      2nd   32  11 
Ernnie Ferguson 3rd   44   6 
Brent Heath     1st   74   5
Andrew Watson   1st   56  10