Iron Mountain trial at Mission, BC
Sponsored by Cascade Motorsports
The 3rd annual Iron Mountain Trial on September 16, 2018

Report from Don Doerksen

The trial was sponsored by Cascade Motorsports, who supplied lunch and snacks along with some soggy sections. Two weeks ago there was six inches of powdery dirt in the forest. After a week of rain, and with more rain on the day, it was a whole different story. The Experts had enough after one loop, with Alex Walton hlolding a good lead at the end. Ted McDowall and Cam Collie had some good rides to win Senior 45 and Advanced respectively. Bryce Gauer won Intermediate, and Bob Clark took some points but earned a healthy lead in Sportsman. Greg Patrick brought out an old Fantic to win Juniors. It was nice to ride around in the woods with nice people, and a bit of rain just made it more interesting.

The full results are available HERE.