Lanark Trial, ON. September 26th, 2010
Sunday, Sepember 26th marked the 25th anniversary of trials events run out at Dave Makin's property near Lanark, Ont. The venue has been a cornerstone of trials activity in Eastern Ontario all these years, first as purely CVMG vintage events and more recently including modern bikes--in conjunction with the Bytown Motorcycle Association. A lot of water has run through the sections over the years but thanks to Dave there is always something new and the venue has provided all the trees, rocks, roots, mud, elevation and water challenges you can ask for! As Dave noted we saw a 50 year range of machinery and riders out and some of the vintage class machines were riding modern events when events started there!

Thanks go out to Dave Makin and volunteers for 25 years of great trials riding, memories and hospitality. His report below.

Regards, Doug Hunter

Lanark Trial Results

We had an ideal fall trials day with cool weather and at most a threat of rain that held off until the awards presentation. The turnout was very good with 21 riders and many spectators. The sections proved very popular, with good C lines for older machines or new riders, right up to very challenging "A+" line for expert riders on monoshocks. Good scores demanded intelligent reading of the terrain; in some cases, the "A" line was easier than the "B" line, but visually more challenging. We freely admit to an "A+" line in section 6 that we expected to prevent zero scores; this involved a tight turn over a sharp-edged rock onto a large flat stone, between two trees. We were right!

A big thank you to Eric & Christine Brackenbury, for the custom-made awards, and to the many hands that worked several days to prepare the sections and mark the course.


C line:  Grant Tomkinson,   Yamaha.   7 points
B line:  Sean O'Reilly,              21 points
A line:  Stephane Fontaine, Gas Gas. 50 points
A+ line: Dave Southam,      Montesa. 38 points

   Rider             Bike     Score
Jan Andringa        Sherco     47
Bill Bak            Suzuki     24
Eric Brackenbury    Yamaha     38
Stephane Fontaine   Gas Gas    50
Tony Funnekotter    Montesa    28
M. Girodat          Beta       43
Patrick Hampson     Honda      52
Doug Hunter         Ariel      10
Steve Hutchison     Yamaha      8
Andy Jasiak         Yamaha    108
John Makin          Montesa    24
Reid Masson         Honda      34
Gary Neff           Yamaha     30
Shaun O'Reilly      Hontaco    21
Anon Lachance       Gas Gas    68
Mike Snider         Yamaha     76
David Southam       Montesa    38
Grant Tomkinson     Yamaha      7
Eddie Tomkinson     Yamaha      8