Victoria Motorcycle Cub, Lohrmann Trial, June 27th, 2010

The Lohrmann trial went off without a hitch after rushed preparations in the last week just prior to the event. Thirty-one riders competed in a virtual mist of humidity under overcast skies at the VMC club property on Happy Valley road.

Dave Fracy and crew laid out the Expert/Sportsman loop and Doug Wallis, Ian Burton, Mike Graham and Tony Legg laid out the Intermediate/Junior loop.

Competition was solid as all sections were on the tougher end of things, with the occasional spectacular crash--possibly due to tougher-than-usual sections, which were perhaps less than fully-tested.

All ten Junior/Intermediate sections were laid out in about six hours on the Sunday preceding the trial. So thanks to all for the work, and thanks to the burger crew who did a bang-up job on their volunteer activity--also at short notice.


1st place  Owen Stearns-Smith  78 points and 5 cleans
2nd place  Neil Rich           86 points and 3 cleans

1st Place  Fraser Rich         76 points and 3 cleans

Sr. Intermediate
1st place  Kevin Couves         9 points and 23 cleans
2nd place  Ian Burton          13 points and 20 cleans
3rd place  Pete Wilson         22 points and 18 cleans

1st place  Hank Lovett         31 points and 12 cleans
2nd place  Dave Bissenden      33 points and 13 cleans
3rd place  Joe Spitalnik       71 points and 4 cleans

1st place  Matt Fracy          75 points and 4 cleans

Sr. Sportsman
1st place  Guy Smeeth          39 points and 16 cleans
2nd place  Sean Duhamel        80 points and 3 cleans
3rd place  Dave Fair           85 points and 4 cleans

1st place  Will Duggan         32 points and 14 cleans
2nd place  Andrew Watson       39 pointsand 13 cleans
3rd place  Devon D’Argis       44 points and 11 cleans