Sam king wins Final Round of 2018 Outlaw Series on June 10 at Malakwa, BC

Story from Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Senior Advanced winner Ted McDowell - TRS
Senior Advanced winner Ted McDowell (TRS)

Unlike Golf or tennis and some other sports, there was no "Rain Delay" at Malakwa on Sunday, June 10, for the final round of the 2018 Outlaw Series. But the weather was pretty ugly, more like Scotland than BC. It was a stark contrast from Round #2 at Scotch Creek, when the temperatures were in the +30 range.

However, nobody was complaining as the riders set out to tackle two loops of the ten sections that Sammy King had set up around the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, which is a wonderful area at the north end of the Okanagan Valley. And Sam got the degree of difficulty just about spot on, allowing for the poor weather conditions.

It was great to see riders from both the Vancouver area and Alberta make the long road trip to support the event. With snow forecast for the Mountain Passes, nobody could blame people for staying home. But at least the rainy spell will help postpone the worry of forest fires.


1 Roger Tessier   Beta    Kamloops, BC     17

1 Leigh Stocks    TRS     Revelstoke, BC   33
2 Ty Morrison     Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 48
3 Chris Briggs    Beta    Sorrento, BC     57
4 Russ Nelson     Beta    Celista, BC      58
  Terry Dufloth   Vertigo                  DNF

Senior Intermediate
1 Richard Oullet  Scorpa  Calgary, AB      36

1 Cam Collie      Vertigo Vancouve, BC     21
2 Sawer Collie    Ossa    Vancouver, BC    23
3 Shane Bridden   TRS     Kelowna, BC      24
4 Jake Wideman    Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 25
5 Don Corrorcan   GG      Golden, BC       59

Senior Advanced
1 Ted McDowall    TRS     Vancouver, BC     6
2 Ross Rathbone   Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 11
3 Marcus Buhrig   Beta    Blind Bay, BC    24

1 Sam King        GG      Sicamous, BC      9
2 Kolten Morrison Beta    Scotch Creek, BC 46
3 Mike Crumly     Scorpa  Mission, BC      55

Thanks to our Score keeper, Judy Rathbone, and to Carl Kuster and Marshal for allowing the use of the land. The next event will be the first WTC National Round (West) at Revelstoke on July 1st.

With the 2018 Outlaw Series now concluded, here are the winners of the #1 plates for this year. Note: There was an unbreakable tie in the Junior Class, so we will award all three riders a Number One plate.

              Expert           Sam King
              Advanced         Cam Collie
              Senior Advanced  Ted McDowall
              Intermediate     Ty Morrison
              Sportsman        Richard  Oullet
              Junior           Dave Seifert, Harold Pospisil, Roger Tessier

Thanks to all the competitors who attended, and to the organizers who hosted the events. Plus, of course, Julie, who has been the mainstay of our Scoring committee.