2015 Round 1 -- Outlaw Championship
Scotch Creek, BC, Victoria Day Weekend, 2015

From Outlaw Dave Rhodes

Barandon Wince
Brandon Wince
Sam King
Sam King
Sean Bird
Sean Bird
The 28th running of the Outlaw Trial took place at Scotch Creek BC, over the Victoria Day weekend, with a total of 40 riders on Saturday, and 40 riders on Sunday, plus six for the Saturday-night Kids' Trial. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough riders show up for the Vintage event on Monday, so it was scrubbed.

The weather was quite hot on Saturday and very dusty out on the loop, but this all changed for Sunday, when it rained pretty much all day. However, it all cleared up by the time the awards presentation started.

It was an all-Beta podium in the Expert class, with Brandon Wince from Kelowna winning on the Outlaw Trialsport Evo 300, followed by Sam King on another Outlaw Beta, and third spot went to Sean Bird, on the Mountain MC Beta.

A big thanks goes to Ross Rathbone, Jake Wideman, and Martin Lucas, who set up a brilliant course for all classes, and also treated a huge crowd with plates of food at the campfire on both nights. It was a spread that you'd be hard pressed to beat in any fancy restaurant.

Some riders elected to just ride one day, so are not listed in the results, and we also had a few DNF's

1  Brandon Wince   Kelowna, BC         Outlaw Beta         31
2  Sam King        Golden, BC          Outlaw Beta         42
3  Sean Bird       Calgary, AB         Mountain MC Beta    45
4  Steve Day       Vancouver, BC       Gas Gas             99
5  Ben Pospisil    Edmonton, AB        Outlaw Beta        107
6  Ricky Styles    Penticton, BC       Gas Gas            107
Snr Advanced
1  Carl Muller     Vancouver, BC       Outlaw Beta         57
2  Ross Rathbone   Magna Bay, BC       Outlaw Beta         63

1  Andrew Allen    Vancouver, BC       Gas Gas             56
2  Chris Tronnes   Bentley, AB         Gas Gas             60
3  Kevin Smith     Calgary, AB         Outlaw Beta        152

Snr Intermediate
1 Bob Clark        Coquitlam, BC       Mountain MC Beta     6
2 Taff Parfitt     Sherwood Park, AB   Outlaw Beta         46
3 Dave Fair        Victoria, BC        Pacific Gas Gas     62
4 Lee Usher        Nelson, BC          Outlaw Beta         92
5 Ron Walsh        Vancouver, BC       Mountain MC Sherco 134

1  Dean Seaman     Sorrento, BC        Outlaw Beta         39
2  Marcus Buhrig   Blind Bay, BC       Sherco              44
3  Dustin Roberge  Salmon Arm, BC      Outlaw Beta         58
4  Jake Wideman    Scotch Creek, BC    Outlaw Beta         67
5  Jason Munns     Okanagan Falls, BC  Gas Gas             76
6  Terry Duflot    Revelstoke, BC      Gas Gas             81
7  Lee Stocks      Revelstoke, BC      Sherco             117

1 Kolten Morrison  White Lake, BC      Gas Gas             41
2 Cam Roberge      Salmon Arm, BC      Beta                44
3 Kevin Lutz       Celista, BC         Gas Gas             47
4 Ty Morrison      White Lake, BC      Gas Gas             58
5 Chris Briggs     Sorrento, BC        Beta                68
6 Steve Mills      Bragg Creek, AB     Gas Gas             93
7 Ben Lutz         Celista, BC         Gas Gas            105