Outlaw Trial - Scotch Creek, BC, May 21 & 22 2016

from Dave Rhodes

With reports of snow on the Mountain Passes and in Alberta, and nothing but rain everywhere else, it turned out to be a rewarding experience for the 47 entrants who decided to attend the trial. Ross, Jake, Martin and Dean had all done a wonderful job setting up the course. Riders come from as far as Bently AB, Medicine Hat AB, Edmonton AB, Bragg Creek AB, Golden BC, Williams Lake BC, Smithers BC, Victoria BC, Vancouver BC, Gambier Island BC, plus of course a bunch from the Okanagan and Shuswap. For many riders, the smiles on their faces said it all; they were tired and muddy, but they vowed they would be back for the 30th running of this very popular Trial.

It was a needle match in the Expert Class, with Sam King holding a narrow lead from Sean Bird and Brandon Wince after the first loop. But Stan Bakgaard was hanging right in there, and Ben Pospisil was also showing some flashes of brilliance, as was Steve Day (even after a very long night). The sections were all very natural but really slick, so it was a credit to the high caliber of riding, that the top riders came in after the first loop with very low scores. At the end it was Wince who added yet another Outlaw Win, with Bakgaard beating Bird on the tie-break for second. This was another Beta 1-2-3, and is the the exact same finish as in 2015.

The other classes were also close, with Chris Tronnes at the top in the Advanced class and Dave Nunn taking a narrow victory in the Senior Advanced. Young Kolten Morrison easily won the Intermediate Class, and Bob Clark did the same in the Senior Intermediate. Amelina Smeeth socked it to the boys in the Junior, and Mark ONeil made it an Outlaw double by winning the Sportsman Class. A total of 47 riders competed over the rather wet weekend, including a few DNF’s.

Congratulations to all the riders for coming out, and to the Shuswap crew for always making this such a great event. A huge thanks to the Roane and Zink families, who are gracious enough allow the use of this super land for the Trial; it's really appreciated.


Vintage A
1 Stan Bakgaard    TY 250 mono  Yale           BC   1

Vintage B
1 Bob Clark        SWM          Coquitlam      BC   9
2 Don Doerksen     Montesa      Mission        BC  12
3 Guy Smeeth       Montesa      Vancouver      BC  21

Vintage C
1 Mark ONeil       TY 175       Medicine Hat   AB  11
2 Steve Richardson TY 175       Gambier Island BC  24
3 Harold Pospisil  TY 250       Edmonton       AB  28

Kids Gas Powered
1 Starla Smeeth    GG           Vancouver      BC  14

Kids Electric
1 Lee Robinson     Beta         Scotch Creek   BC  13
2 Ederson          Oset         Sorrento       BC  14
3 Leo  Munns       Oset         OK Falls       BC  20

1 Brandon Wince    Beta         Kelowna        BC  15
2 Sam King         Beta         Golden         BC  18
3 Sean Bird        Beta         Vancouver      BC  18
4 Stan Bakgaard    Sherco       Yale           BC  23
5 Steve Day        GG           Vancouver      BC  38
6 Ben Pospisil     Beta         Edmonton       AB  64

1 Chris Tronnes    GG           Bentley        AB  22
2 Andrew James     GG           Kelowna        BC  30
3 Jake Wideman     Beta         Scotch Creek   BC  68
4 Jason Munns      GG           OK Falls       BC  80

Senior Advanced
1 Dave Nunn        GG           Victoria       BC  25
2 Guy Smeeth       GG           Vancouver      BC  28
3 Ross Rathbone    Beta         Scotch Creek   BC  35
4 Don Doerksen     Scorpa       Mission        BC  42
5 Marcus Buhrig    Sherco       Blind Bay      BC  66
6 Dean Seaman      Beta         Sorrento       BC  66

1 Kolten Morrison  Beta         Scotch Creek   BC  27
2 Florian Schott   Beta         Revelstoke     BC  41
3 Leigh Stocks     Sherco       Revelstoke     BC  56
4 Shane Bridden    Montesa      Kelowna        BC  61
5 Matt Reading     Beta         Cherryville    BC  66

Senior Intermediate
1 Bob Clark        TRS          Coquitlam      BC  11
2 Mike Lynnes      Montesa      WilliamsLake   BC  29
3 Chris Briggs     Beta         Sorrento       BC  81

1 Amelina Smeeth   GG           Vancouver      BC  32
2 Ben Lutz         Beta         White Lake     BC  53
3 Chris Brooks     Beta         Smithers       BC  78

1 Mark ONeil       Montesa      Medicine Hat   AB  25
2 Harold Pospisil  Beta         Edmonton       AB  34
3 Steve Richardson Montesa      Gambier Island BC  36
4 Martin Lucas     Beta         Celista        BC  40
5 Steve Mills      GG           Bragg Creek    AB  44