Steve Fracy

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A great turnout of 33 riders for the modern section of the Outlaw Series, were greeted with awesome sunny skies and warm temps today in Shawnigan Lake, BC. That amount added to the 14 vintage riders from day one, added up to the best turnout of the year so far on the island! The event was hugely supported by riders from a long distance. Those who need to be recognized for their great commitment and enthusiasm. Taff Parfit- Edmonton, Mark Oneill- Medecine Hat, Jacek- Red Deer, (Banjo) Bob Fredrickson- Vernon, Steve Richardson- Gambier Island,John Dearie- West Van, Ricky Styles- Naramata, Todd Nordin-Coquitlam, Steve Day- Coquitlam, Cark Muller- Vancouver, Brandon Wince- Kelowna. Also, I would like to say a special thanks to Terry Hyde, who came out on Sat for the vintage event, and competed in the C class on his Triumph Tiger Cub. It was, a huge boost for the vintage event to have the addition of the new class, and to have it supported too!

Now, to the story from Sunday. We had one Novice rider, Patrick Little all the way from Saltspring Island, who naturally won his class.There were unfortunately, no Junior riders on the day. In the Intermediate class there were two riders. We had one of many first time riders on the day, Donald Sutherland(not the actor) from Shawnigan lake take on the griseled veteran of this class, Matt Fracy. It was a clear cut win for Matt, who in fact was keeping a close eye on the Senior Intermediate class and comparing his score. In fact, on the first loop, Matt tied for the lowest first loop, with Senior Intermediate winner Doug Moore. Doug was so consistent on the day with two 8 point loops to finish with a total of 16 on the day. Second Sen. Int. was John Dearie, and third went to Sean Duhamel. Ryan White was the lone Sportsman rider. In the hotly contested Senior Sportsman class we saw the closet competition of the day. 3rd was Carl Muller with 49pts. 2nd was Dave Nunn with 47pts, and 1st went to Phil Plasterer with 32pts.

In the Expert class we had a good turnout of 7 riders. 3rd place went to Cobble Hill native and longtime ISTC member Brandon Wince, who now lives in Kelowna, with 44pts. 2nd place went to Thomas Cordner with 37 pts. 1st went to perennial club champion, Will Duggan with a total of 25 pts.

On a day with so many positives, I guess the only negative is that the event was not very well attended by local ISTC members. Many thanks to all the riders who came out, and especially those who came from a great distance. We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and will come back again next year!


Vintage A: 
1st- Steve Fracy -       2pts 
2nd- Andrew Watson-     45pts 
3rd- Dave Bissenden-    48pts 

Vintage B:
1st- Deeevon Dargis-    26pts 
2nd- Rob Beecroft-      35pts 18cleans 
3rd- Hank Lovett-       35pts 12cleans 
4th- Taff Parfitt-      40pts 
5th- Dave Fair-         54pts 
6th- Mark Clement       62pts 
7th- Mark Oneill        68pts 
8th- Steve Richardson   94pts 

Vintage C:
1st- Brent Heath-       15pts 
2nd- Terry Hyde-        25pts

1st- Patrick Little-    49pts 

1st- Matt Fracy-        22pts 
2nd- Donald Sutherland- 80pts

Senior Intermediate:
1st- Doug Moore-        16pts 
2nd- John Dearie-       24pts( 24cleans) 
3rd- Sean Duhamel-      24pts(21 cleans) 
4th- Dave Fair-         34pts 
5th- Kevin Couves-      35pts 
6th- Bob Fredickson-    38pts 
7th- Taff Parfitt-      39pts 
8th- Pete Wilson-       46pts 
9th- Brad Winchell-     61pts 
10th- Andrew Graham-    73pts 
11th- Keith J-          89pts 
12th- Roscoepcoltrain- 106pts 

1st- Ryan White-        92pts 

Sen. Sportsman:
1st- Phil Plasterer-    32pts 
2nd- Dave Nunn-         47pts 
3rd- Carl Muller-       49pts 
4th- Jeff Stites-       50 pts(16 cleans) 
5th- Ricky Styles-      50pts( 15 cleans) 
6th- Guy Smeeth-        50 pts ( 13 cleans) 
7th- Don Venn-          56 pts 
8th- Jacek J-           74pts 

1st- Will Duggan -      25pts 
2nd- Thomas Cordner-    37pts 
3rd- Brandon Wince-     44pts 
4th- Andrew Watson-     45pts 
5th- Todd Nordin-       52pts 
6th- Steve Day-         69pts 
7th- Devon Dargis-      85pts.