Outlaw Series 2012. Round Three
Rocky Mountain House, AB
June 30 - July 1, 2012

Mark O'Neill topping a rocky crest
Mark O'Neill topping a rocky crest
The third and final round of the popular 2012 Outlaw Series (the Dave Rhodes trial) took place last weekend (June 30 & July 1, 2012) in the high mountainous terrain of Alberta just South of Rocky Mountain House.

Club president Harold Pospisil and his enthusiastic band of followers set up a fantastic event which saw riders tackle a variety of sections. Beginning around the creek near the campground, the course climbed up a rocky trail which crests on a ridge around 5,000ft. To say that the view is spectacular is perhaps an understatement.

As usual the event kicked off on Saturday with the Vintage class. While the entry list might not have been great, the riders and the tag-along crew had a wonderful time in warm weather, which made for a very enjoyable day. It was Doug Harrish on his Honda who proved to be the class of the field, but Mark O'Neill and Harold Pospisil both showed flashes of brilliance on their Yamaha TYs. In fact, Harold's bike only had 1st gear, but he somehow he managed to nurse it up the long, steep climb to the top sections.

Overnight rain made for slippery going on Sunday, but the riders coped well with the conditions, which included a thunder storm, and even a hail storm, that pounded the slower groups in the late afternoon.

This was the first event run on crown forestry land for many years, and with the license and insurance requirements, there is no doubt that the numbers were effected. But kudos to Jacek Jablonski, who made the connection with the local ranger to ensure that the future is indeed bright for the ATRA club.

Steve Foord took the Expert win, although he was also the only rider in that class. The Advanced had eight riders, and this went down to the tie-breaker, with Jacek just beating out Chris Tronnes on cleans. Young Ben Pospisil grabbed third, - only a few points behind the leaders. Watch out for this kid. We saw some really good riding on natural style sections, which is the tradition of the Outlaw events.

You may want to plan for next year when we may see a WTC National in this area.

Rod Klemsen      79
Ian Buttar       99
Zack Kallen     100
James Kallen    102

Mark O'Neill     85
Wyatt Pospisil   93
Mitch Langell   111

Jacek Jablonski  41 18 cleans
Chris Tronnes    41 16 cleans
Ben Pospisil     52
Hardy Hartwig    67
Ty Hartwig       89
Max Jones       111
Marris Romaniuk DNF
Rob Healey      DNF

Steve Foord      38

Roger Flinkman   49
Tony Fluet       71
Harold Pospisil  75

Ken Knight       24
Dave Sugden      43
Dave Wall        67

Doug Harrish     17
Mark O'Neill     20
Harold Pospisil  39