Outlaw Trial, Round One. April 10, 2011
Shawnigan Lake, BC

Mark Clement -Honda
Mark clement (Honda) 3rd Vintage B
  Hank Lovett -Honda
Hank Lovett (Honda) 2nd vintage A

Following Outlaw tradition, the Vintage Outlaw trial took place on Saturday, with the modern bikes on Sunday. Organizer Steve Fracy set a course designed for the showery conditions.

The Expert winner was reigning Canadian champion Will Duggan, who dropped 39 points on the slippery sections.

Results (first three of each class)

1st Rich Kool        35
2nd Brandon Volk     37 (16 cleans)
3rd Steve Richardson 37 (13 cleans)

1st Ben Posposil     31
2nd Colin Fraser     32
3rd Dustin K         66

Sr. Intermediate
1st Ernie Ferguson   14
2nd Kevin Couves     14
3rd Scott Fraser     32

1st Matt Fracy       31
2nd John Dearie     137

Sr. Advanced
1st Mark Gray        35
2nd Don Venn         75
3rd Sean Duhamel     80

1st Will Duggan      39
2nd Thomas Cordner   50
3rd Devon Dargis     66

Vintage B
1st  Mark O'Neill      13  Yamaha  Lethbridge, AB
2nd  Steve Richardson  23  Yamaha  Gambier Island, BC
3rd  Mark Clement      24  Honda   Cowichan Lake, BC

Vintage A
1st  Steve Fracy        5  Fantic  Shawnigan Lake, BC
2nd  Hank Lovett       45  Honda   Victoria, BC