Outlaw Trial, Aug 30 & 31, 2014
Ymir, BC

Outlaw Trial, Aug 30 and 31, 2014

The third and final round of the 2014 Outlaw Trials Series was held at the beautiful creek-side property of Pete & Zoe Bustin, in Ymir BC. The WTC-sanctioned event began on Saturday with the vintage bikes, followed by a well-supported kids' class, which proved to be one of the big highlights of the weekend.

The terrain around this location is almost like trials heaven, with huge rock walls for the experts, but nice loamy trails and climbs for the lower classes. Although it rained quite heavily on Saturday night, this did little to dampen the enthusiasm of the riders and, while some expert sections became really slick, the results show that Pete and Jay Colley did an awesome job of getting the degree of difficulty just right for the lower classes, while Steve Day put in some almost world-class rock walls for the Experts. They were both spectacular, and fun for the riders and spectators.

Vintage A
1   Rob Rae                  Montesa Ymir, BC           6
2   Jeff Gaddy               Yam     Spokane, WA        8

Vintage B
1   Mark ONeill              Yam     Medicine Hat, AB   2
2   Jay Colley               Bultaco Ymir, BC           3
3   Eric Potolicki           Yam     Ymir, BC          33

1   Leon Bustin              Yam     Ymir, BC          13
2   Carig Parfitt            Beta    Sherwood Park, AB 22
3   Kaden                    GG      Ymir, BC          22
4   Angus Bustin             GG      Ymir, BC          31
5   Oscar Usher              Oset    Nelson, BC        32
6   Nina Usher               Oset    Nelson, BC        36
7   Leon Munns               Hero of the weekend, a two-and-a-half
                             year-old on his wooden three-wheeler

1   Robert Trottier           GG      Olds, AB          17
2   Blaine Jensen             Mont    Calgary, AB       29
3   John Jensen               Mont    Pincher Creek, AB 32

1   Lee Usher                 Beta    Nelson, BC        20
2   Leigh Stocks              Sherco  Revelstoke, BC    26
3   Martin Lucas              Beta    Celista, BC       27
4   Jason Munns               GG      OK Falls, BC      48
5   Chris Briggs              Sherco  Sorrento, BC      71

Senior Inter.
1   Craig Parfitt             Beta    Sherwood Park, AB  3
2   Mark ONeill               Beta    Medicine Hat, AB   8
3   Ken Ristimaki             Sherco  Kimberly, BC      10
4   Aaron Brassard            Sherco  Calgary, AB       18
1   Christy Williams Richards Mont    Vancouver, BC     30
2   Pete Bustin               GG      Ymir, BC          73
3   Jay Colley                Mont    Ymir. BC          83
4   Rob Rae                   Beta    Ymir,  BC        105

Senior Adv
1   Andrew James              GG      Kelowna, BC       23
2   Ross Rathbone             Beta    Scotch Creek, BC  55
3   Dean Seaman               Beta    Sorrento, BC      66
1   Stan Bakgaard             Sherco  Yale, BC          33
2   Ricky Styles              GG      Penticton, BC     54
3   Steve Day                 GG      Vancouver, BC     59
Please Note: the final results for the Series will be available shortly. Pics will be up on the Outlaw Trialsport gallery later.

Thanks to everybody who made this series so much fun.

Dave Rhodes.