Outlaw Trial. Summerland, BC. October 9 & 10, 2010
The modern bike Trial started at 10am Sunday under rather gloomy rainy conditions which, as expected, made many of the sections very slippery. Things did dry out later, however, and scores came down.

On the "Red" course for Expert/Advanced riders, it soon became a battle between Stan Bakgaard (Sherco) and Steve Foord (Sherco), with local rider Brandon Wince (GG) also right in there.

Jacek Jablonski (Beta) showed his usual dash and daring, but got caught out on a few of the slippery rocks when riding first. Ricky Hunt (Styles) (GG) was impressive on many of the sections, and became the first and only rider to score a clean on "The Devil�s Staircase", this coming on the second loop.

The big step at "Moose Lookout" caught out "Foordy". After two loops Of twenty sections, it was Stan and Brandon who were tied for the win With 34 points, with Brandon getting the Victory on more cleans. Steve finished 3rd with 40 points.

In the advanced class, Mark Grey (Beta) posted a great score of 12 points on the second loop, to edge out Don Doerksen (Scorpa), with Andrew James (Beta) coming in 3rd.

Over on the "Blue" loop, the Inter/Snr and junior riders were involved in their own battles, with Kelowna rider Barry Van As (Sherco) taking the win in the Senior class. Young Ben Pospisil (Beta) took the Intermediate Class by a healthy margin, while Ken Knight (GG) beat out a group of happy Juniors with just 24 points for the two loops of 15 sections.

There were a number of retirements on Sunday for various reasons. Alberta's Doug Nimmo may have broken a finger.

Thanks to all the riders who came out for the event, and to my buddy Peter Brown, for spending many hours with me on the set up. Also, we appreciate Stan, Mark and Steve (Richardson) for helping with the tear-down on Monday.

The Vintage Trial

A total of 45 riders turned out for the two days of competition at Summerland BC, which was the 23rd running of the Outlaw Classic Trial.

The Vintage event, which went on Saturday, had riders from Vancouver Island, Gambier Island, Coquitlam and Mission BC, plus Edmonton and Medicine Hat, Alberta.

The 20 km loop had 15 sections which were supposed to be ridden twice, but the "A" line riders elected to only go around once. However the "B" class had no trouble completing the two enjoyable loops through the hills West of Summerland.

At the end of the day it was Don Doerksen (Ossa) who edged out Dave Bissenden (Yam) from Victoria, by just one point to take the "A" win, (15 to 16), but Dave was the big winner of the Outlaw Series, having competed in all three events in Alberta and BC.

It was Edmonton rider Doug Harrish (Honda) who took the "B" class win losing just 11 points for the 30 sections finishing ahead of Lawrence Jacodics (Honda) with 21 and Brett Clark (Bultaco) on 24.   Brett beat out Mark O'Neill from Medicine Hat on the tie breaker, but Mark also took the Series win on his potent little TY 175. Harold Pospisil(Yam) won a tie-break with Steve Richardson (TY175) and the last man was Al Jacodics from Okanagsn Falls riding in his first-ever Trial.


Expert       1  Brandon Wince     (GG)      Westbank, BC        34
             2  Stan Bakgaard     (Sherco)  Portland, OR        34
             3  Steve Foord       (Sherco)  Calgary, AB         40
             4  Rick Hunt         (GG)      Squamish, BC        47
             5  Todd Nordin       (Beta)    Coquitlam, BC       53
             6  Jacek Jablonski   (Beta)    Red Deer, AB        68

Advanced     1  Mark Gray         (Beta)    Powell River, BC     31
             2  Don Doerksen      (Scorpa)  Mission, BC          37
             3  Andrew James      (Beta)    Kelowna, BC          45
             4  Alex Walton       (Sherco)  Vancouver, BC        54
             5  Craig Parfitt     (Beta)    Sherwood Park, AB    61
             6  Chris Walton      (Sherco)  Vancouver, BC        66
             7  John Dearie                 Lions Bay, BC        78

Senior 45
             1  Barry VanAs       (Sherco)  Kelowna, BC          31
             2  Chris Wilson      (Beta)    High River, AB       55
             3  Brett Clark       (Sherco)  Coquitlam, BC        57
             4  Harold Pospisil   (Beta)    Edmonton, BC         64
             5  Jim Corkle        (Beta)    Elko, BC             64
             6  Steve Richardson  (Sherco)  Gambier Is, BC       73
Intermediate 1  Ben Pospisil      (Beta)    Edmonton, AB         40
             2  Tanner Nordin     (Beta)    Coquitlam, AB        60
             3  Mark O'Neall      (Scorpa)  Medicine Hat, AB     63
             4  Trent Baily       (GG)      Cranbrook, BC        99

Junior       1  Ken Knight        (GG)      Okitoks, AB          24
             2  Ian Portious      (Sherco)  Edmonton, AB         27
             3  Max Jones         (Sherco)  Calgary, AB          30
             4  Derek Nimmo       (Beta)    Okitoks, AB          31
             4  Harly Seaman      (GG)      Sorrento, BC         37
             6  Dean Seaman       (GG)      Sorrento, BC         43
             7  Rob Trottier      (GG)      Kelowna, BC          49
             8  Steve Jenson      (Scorpa)  Vancouver, BC        84

Vintage A    1  Don Doerksen      (Ossa)    Mission, BC          15
             2  Dave Bissenden    (Yam)     Victoria, BC         16
             3  Bob Clark         (Yam)     Coquitlam, BC        19

Vintage B    1  Doug Harrish      (Hon)     Edmonton, BC         11
             2  Lawrence Jacodics (Hon)     Okanagan Falls, BC   21
             3  Brett Clark       (Bultaco) Coquitlam, BC        24
             4  Mark O�Neall      (Yam)     Medicine Hat, AB     24
             5  Harold Pospisil   (Yam)     Edmonton, AB         29
             6  Steve Richardson  (Yam)     Gambier Is, BC       29
             7  Al Jacodics       (Hon)     Okanagan Falls, BC   38