Rapid Creek Trial, Alberta. July 7th, 2008
Another one for the record books. Wet and slimy and some very loooooong sections made for an interesting day. Thanks to Roger and Heather for all their hard work. Results are as follows:
1st Ty Hartwig 40 pts
2nd Ian Porteous 75 pts
3rd Tristan Hagstrom 83 pts
1st Hardy Hartwig 83 pts
2nd Craig Parfitt 96 pts
3rd Roger Flinkman 102 pts
4th Robin Stobart 103 pts
1st David Tronnes 81 pts
2nd Dale Franklin 104 pts
1st Chris Tronnes 85 pts
2nd Steve Doel 96 pts
3rd Jacek Jablonski 106 pts