Reg Shanks Trial March 25/07
The annual Reg Shanks Trial was a great success with a total of 43 riders involved in the competition. It was a fun day where spectators and riders were able to enjoy the sunshine. Challenging sections were met with success. All classes of riders were challenged to exibit their skills and enjoyed a great competition put on by Ian and Neil Cottier. A special thanks to the helping hands of: Dave Malone, Dean Parry, Thomas Cordner, Karen and Chris Dady, Leanne and Don Venn.

  1st Patrick Diraddo 3pts. 28clns
  2nd Liam Malone 24pts. 23clns
  3rd Ethan Plambeck 25pts. 18clns

  1st Patricia Cooper 57pts. 2clns
  2nd Ryan Edington 66 pts. 1clns

Vintage B
  1st George Apted 14pts. 15clns
  2nd Martin Spriggs 18pts. 12clns
  3rd Jon Symes 41 pts. 8 clns

  1st Eddie Cooper 61pts. 8clns
  2nd Jamie Hassett 70pts. 3clns
  3rd Cole Smith 118pts.

Sr. Intermediate
  1st Ian Burton 35pts. 10clns
  2nd Doug Moore 44pts. 12clns
  3rd Rick Carter 47pts. 9clns

Vintage A
  1st Rob Beecroft 37pts. 4clns
  2nd Mark Clement 56pts. 4clns
  3rd Hank Lovett 59pts. 2clns

  1st Thomas Cordner 31pts. 17clns
  2nd Geoffrey Eade 39pts. 14clns
  3rd Andy Motherwell 61pts. 12clns

Sr. Sportsmen
  1st Jeff Stites 20pts. 22clns
  2nd Guy Smeeth 67pts. 6clns
  3rd Donn Venn 77pts. 5clns

  1st Ryon Bell 13pts. 21clns
  2nd Will Duggan 28pts. 15clns
  3rd Ben Hircock Jr. 72pts. 4clns