VMC Rick Wells Trial Oct 25
Ryon Bell takes expert win

From Dave Fair

The Rick Wells Trials was held Oct. 25th at the Victoria Motorcycle Club property on Happy Valley Road in Metchosin.

Thirty riders competed in the various classes. Two separate loops were used that made for a challenging tour of the VMC property. A few light showers throughout the day kept things interesting and challenging.

Thanks to the committee: Thomas Cordner, Andrew Watson, Ryon Bell, Derek Newton, Dave Nunn, Dave Fair, Liam & Dave Malone for trail & section building. Sign up, scorekeeping & BBQ duties were taken care of by Susan Fair, Steve Manzer, Richard Packham, Paul Beland & Keith Wilson.


1) Dave Bissenden  Yam       8
2) Hank Lovett     Hon      30

1) Paul LeClere    Sherco   26
2) Bob Austin      Beta     42
3) Brock Smith     Mon      55

1) Matt Fracy      Gas Gas   7
2) Steven Dardengo Gas Gas  28
3) Blake McFarlane Gas Gas  44

Sr. Intermediate
1) Kevin Couves    Sherco    5
2) Ian Burton      Gas Gas   8
3) Rick Carter     Beta     15

1) Mike Graham     Sherco   73

Sr. Sportman 
1) Dave Nunn       Gas Gas  29
2) Don Venn        Gas Gas  38
3) Jeff Stites     Gas Gas  46

1) Ryon Bell       Gas Gas  16
2) Will Duggan     Gas Gas  30
3) Thomas Cordner  Gas Gas  38