Alberta Trial at Rocky Mountain House, August 2, 2009

From Dave Rhodes

Steve Foord at Rocky Mountain House
Expert winner Steve Foord on one of the man-made arena-style section at Rocky Mountain House

The trip to the ATRA/WEC Trial in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta was fantastic. We set off from my place in Vernon at 6 am and arrived at the campsite around 3 pm. The weather was quite hot in Alberta, but the big story was the thunderstorms on both Saturday and Sunday nights (a tornado hit the jamboree at Camrose on Saturday night). We had three guys hanging on to my canopy to hold it down on Saturday. The wind came up so fast it was unbelievable.

Fortunately Sunday dawned bright and clear, although the overnight rain made some of the sections a bit slick. Everything went well, with a good rider entry of 25 in all classes. As expected, it was a battle between Steve Foord and Jake Cook for Expert honors, with Steve getting the win by just a single point - this in spite of the fact he was doubling up his bike with both Katie and nephew Max.

Third place went to Steve Doel from Airdrie and fourth to Jacek Jablonski of Red Deer. I don't have all the results, but I know that Hardy Hartwig won the advanced from young David Tronnes, with Banjo Bobby in third, and Taff fourth. Jimmy was top in his class, as was Chris Tronnes in the Senior. Ben Pospisil took the Junior. There were quite a lot of spectators at the event on Bernie Schroderus' farm, a great location. Congratulations to all who attended.


1. Ben Pospisil 10 pts
2. Klayton Franklin 39 pts
3. Max Jones 62 pts
4. Katie Hague 66 pts


1. Ty Hartwig 20 pts
2. Doug Macleoud 59 pts
3. Dale Franklin 64 pts
4. Robert Lukastik 78 pts


1. Hardy Hartwig 66 pts
2. David Tronnes 69 pts
3. Banjo Bobby 74 pts
4. Craig Parfitt 76 pts
5. Roger Flinkman 79 pts
6. Rob healy 85 pts


1. Stephan Foord 32 pts
2. Jake Cook 33 pts
3. Steve Doel 62 pts
4. Jacek Jablonski


1. Jimmy Corkall 48 pts
2. Byrnie Schroderus 69 pts
3. Chris tronnes


1. Doug Harrish 11 pts
2. Mark 15 pts