Saskatchewan Trial, April 26th

From Derek Thomas

It was mostly sunny and 12 degrees for Saskatchewan's first trial. 13 riders from various parts of the province, all on Trials bikes of various years, came out to be a part of this first-ever sanctioned event, and the first round of our provincial series.

The entrants were a mix of riders who had owned bikes for years and never competed, along with riders who had travelled great distances in the past to compete in faraway trials. All seemed happy to finally have a trial close to home.

The Sask Flatland Trials Association experienced great community support from family, friends and local business. All the checkers were new, but did a great job and added to the quality of the event. The event gained lots of spectator interest with the attending public really getting involved in the action. It wasn't long before people were following riders from section-to-section, carrying cameras, commenting on whether some hazards were possible to ride. It was inspiring to see that the spectators immediately recognized the challenge and difficulty of trials.

The trial proved to be a bit more difficult then we would have liked, but it was all part of sorting out the abilities of a rider core that was unknown until this event.

Vintage class rode 3 loops and was won by Sheldon Gerhardt, on a kawasaki KT 250. Junior had a great battle of 40 sections with only 5 points seperating Ryan Gadd, with 67 pts, on a Sherco and Gas Gas rider, Robbie Gadd on 72 pts. 3rd went to Myles Kastning on a Scorpa, all from Moose Jaw. Intermediate class changed leads throughout the day with Dan Faux on his shiny blue Gas Gas 280 winning over Gary Bergen of Saskatoon, also riding Gas Gas. Expert line was ridden by Derek Thomas on his Scorpa SY 250 R, where he lost 97 points over the 4 loops.

A huge thanks goes out to the many vounteers, spectators and riders who came out to support trials in this province. Also a special thanks to the landowner for being so enthusiastic in hosting the event. Last but not least the founding members of the the SFTA for the countless hours of work that has gone into this club so far.

1st - Sheldon Gerhardt
2nd - Craig Powell
3rd - Ron Gadd
5th - Robert Lamb

1st - Ryan Gadd
2nd - Robbie Gadd
3rd - Myles Kastning
4th - Kerry Bray
5th - Brett Bespalko

1st - Daniel Faux
2nd - Gary Bergen

1st - Derek Thomas