ATA Scenic Drive Trial, September 27, 2015

from Jordan Szoke
Jordan Szoke at the ATA Scenic Drive Trial Jordan Szoke at the ATA Scenic Drive Trial

Sunny skies treated the ATA Trials Organization with perfect weather during one of the organization's final Observed Trials events for the season. Held at the beautiful Scenic Drive location steps away from the quaint village of St George, Ontario, the riders were treated to near-perfect conditions.

Jordan Szoke started out the first loop badly, racking up most of his points on the day during the first 9 sections. "Sometimes it takes me a bit to get back into the game." says Szoke while refueling his Sherco300 during a quick pit stop. "I've got some time left -- I'll really have to focus."

Focus he did as he took the lead during the final loop and claimed the victory at the end of the event. "This is always one of my favorite trials," smiles the four-time Canadian CMA Trials Champion. "It's close to home and all of our friends. Family and fans can come out to watch this one. The location is beautiful and we like to have a good presence here for our local sponsor DualSport Plus."

DualSport Plus is an adventure motorcycle speciality store located in Brantford, Ontario, happily supporting Jordan and the ATA during this rider favorite fall event.

Szoke was scheduled to ride the infamous Corduroy Enduro, Canada's toughest off-road Enduro event, during the same weekend as this ATA Scenic Drive Trial. Instead of riding the Enduro event himself, he passed along his Sherco 300SE-R to a good friend and very skilled trials rider Jon English.

English finished the two-day event in 3h 42m 53s. Finishing 11th in the Pro Class and 27th overall. A very impressive feat for his very first Enduro event, demonstrating observed trials skills with the finest Off-Road racers in Canada.