Reg Shanks Trial. Victoria, BC March 22nd, 2009

The Reg Shanks Trial was held Sunday, March 22nd under sunny skies at the 172 acre Victoria Motorcycle Park.

31 riders competed and a good time was had by all.

This annual event is held in memory of Reg Shanks who was one of the key people involved in the purchase of the property we all enjoy today.

THANKS to the committee for all their efforts! Steven Dardengo, Kyle Bradamore, Derek Newton, Mike Cubbon, Dave Bissenden for section design and trail marking. Ron Wolf, Tim Andrew and Rob for the concession stand.

1st Patrica Cooper  GG  13
2nd Kyle Bradamore  GG  33
3rd Brock Smith     Mon 45

1st Dave Bissenden  Yam 10
2nd Hank Lovett     Hon 23
3rd Rob Beecroft    Yam 31

1st Matt Fracy      GG  26
2nd Steven Dardengo GG  57
Cole Smith          GG  68        

Sr. Intermediate
1st Dave Fair       GG  15
2nd Kevin Couves    GG  23
3rd Sean Duhamel    GG  24

1st Eddie Cooper    GG  65

Sr. Sportsman
1st Phil Plasterer  Mon 13
2nd Dave Nunn       GG  18
3rd Jeff Wark       GG  21

1st Thomas Cordner  GG  33
2nd Andrew Watson   GG  38
3rd Devon D´┐ŻArgis   GG  75