Nickel ore Dime Trial, Creighton Mines, ON
ATA 2007 Series #2. 06-24-2007

Subdury pic, 2007

Sunday June 24th saw a welcome return to an old favourite trials site at Creighton Mines in Lively, west of Sudbury, ON.

Most of the thirteen sanity-challenged, sunseeking riders travelled over 4 hours, and an extra two on the way home, making this one of the longer distance Ontario events, which together with the mid-summer type forecast perhaps explained the smaller than usual turnout. Clerk of the course Dave Butler obviously had the upcoming Nationals in mind with four (4) loops of 10 sections, but made allowances for the 35 degree heat, fortunately tempered by overcast skies and a brief shower.

The sandpaper covered rocks (except for #2 and #8!) had a self-steering foreign feel to them compared to the usual Southern Ontario fare of multiple log crossing sections, so it wasn't long before the amazing traction had arms pumping as riders fought to overcome the wheelie-inducing steps and climbs.

The usual rivalries continued in the ultra competitive Senior 35 class, with former Canadian Champ Trevor Howarth getting the nod by virtue of his no-nonsense approach to wrestling with the rocks, while Norm Jewett assured a ride home by complaining of an off day taking third, two points behind John Purse in 2nd.

Not quite so familiar with his fathers 'Slamdown' technique, Trev's son Travis on his first trip to the big Nickel picked up almost twice as many points, finishing 2nd in the Intermediate class to the recently returned Jim Olar.

Meanwhile Steve Mumford continued his domination of the well attended Senior 45 class, no doubt spurred on by three generations of Mumford supporters in attendance. Then again if he had only ridden a 'fourth' loop like one or two of the other 'old fa...' - gentlemen riders, he might have run out of aluminum to leave behind on the rocks.

Thanks to Dave for all his efforts in setting up another challenging event, and to Rick and Leo for their help.

Next event: 2007 National Series Round 1&2 at Parry Sound on Sat July 7th, and Sun July 8th.

1st 397 Jim Olar       GasGas  75
2nd 61  Travis Howarth GasGas  81
3rd 89  Micheal Regan  Beta    86

Senior 35
1st 122 Trevor H.      GasGas  43
2nd 11  John Purse     Sherco  49
3rd 40  Norm Jewett    Montesa 51
4th 116 Bob Olar       Scorpa  58

1st 13  Steve Mumford  Scorpa  24
2nd 45  Dan Farago     Montesa 40
3rd 10  Paul Howarth   Sherco  50
4th 27  Neil Carter    Sherco  52
5th 51  Dave Southam   Montesa 78
6th 58  Dave Butler    Beta    85

Generous Mine Manager: Bryan Maynard of Creighton Mines Inc.
Clerk of the course: Dave Butler
Section setup: Dave Butler, Rick Deschamps, and Leo Lamframboise
Awards: Chas Abel Photo