Super Stars Trial, Ioco, BC. July 15, 2012

From Dave Rhodes

Super Stars trial, Ioco, BC. July 2012
Dave Rhodes photo

The Sunday edition of the CPTA "Super Stars" trial was a resounding success, with good sections and very good marking of both the loop and the sections. It was a credit to Christy and Franz who put so much work into making it all happen, along with lots of other helpers. The helpers included including Kit & Maureen Williams and the Fracy girls, who documented the scoreboard. The cross check system used at the PNTA events seemed to work well, and we didn't hear of any complaints.

The scores were right on in regard to degree of difficulty, with Wilson Craig winning the Champ class, and a popular surprise win by Todd Nordin in the Expert class.

Results are as follows:

Bill Latham               53
Bob Larsen                56

Danielito Chernetski      46
Andrew Chybisov           50
Sara Porter               60

Madison Leigh             37
Paul Lederis              38
Jay Colley                51
Lou Guerra                80
Clemens Machilek          82
Chessy Knight            DNF

Sr Intermediate
R.W. Clark                 9
Bill Thompson              9
Heather Wall              22
Dave Fair                 24
Barry Van As              39
Jim Shive                 61
Billy Traynor            DNF

Christy Williams-Richards 17
Andrew Allen              18
Billy D                   30
Trevor Porter             33
Jim Neff                 DNF
Tanner Nordin            DNF

Sr Advanced
Don Doerksen              17
Spencer Fitschen          32
"Original Andrew"         37
Ron Ringuette             38
Gary Lawver               43
Guy Smeeth                43
Mike Browning             87
Bernards Vaillancourt    DNF

Todd Nordin               15
Stan Bakgaard             17
Bill Sparks               24
Luke Matlock              34
Andrew Watson             39
Alex Walton               46
Steve Day                 46
Matt Fracy                55
Ricky Styles              70

Wilson Craig              18
Thomas Cordner            33
Kevin Dufault            106